Academic advising is done by Academic Advisors and by Division/Program Advisors from different disciplines based on the degree or certificate you are pursuing.

Advisor Directory

Advisor Directory

Yuma Campus

Advisor Name
Advising Area
Phone Number
Lee Altman Pathways Faculty Advisor / Technology, Trades & Food Science 928-344-7749
Eva Aviles General Advising/Local University Partnerships 928-344-7603
Admir Balicevac General Advising / Business & Computers / Student Athlete Advisor 928-344-7571
Antonio Carrillo General Advising / Science, Engineering & Math 928-317-6136
Julissa Fitts General Advising / Education / Social Sciences 928-317-6194
(vacant) Pathways Faculty Advisor / Science, Engineering & Math 928-344-7624
Arturo Magana General Advising / Humanities & Liberal Arts 928-344-7628
Seth Miner Pathways Faculty Advisor / Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences 928-344-7624
(vacant) Pathways Faculty Advisor / Business & CIS 928-344-7624
Yolanda Rios General Advising / Health & Public Safety / Single Parents 928-344-7623
Vanessa Rockwell General Advising 928-344-7635
Jolie O. Yabuka International Students Advisor 928-344-7699
Nursing Advisor Nursing Program 928-317-6049

San Luis Campus

Advisor Name
Advising Area
Phone Number
Maria Guzman Ramirez General Advising 928-314-9454
Omar Heredia Romero General Advising  928-314-9422

Parker Campus

Advisor Name
Advising Area
Phone Number
Yaneli Pasillas-Miller General Advising  928-314-9560

Somerton Campus

Advisor Name
Advising Area
Phone Number
Marlena Navarro Morales General Advising  928-314-9461

MCAS Education Center

Advisor Name
Advising Area
Phone Number
Military Services Advisor Military Services Advisor 928-317-7641

Student Status

Undecided Students

Understanding yourself is key to the career decision-making process and in selecting a major.  To find your “niche” in life, you need to know your interestsvalues, and skills.  Let’s add personality to the mix.  So in starting your journey, ask yourself this question… Who am I?  The answer will provide clues to your future. 

If you need more help in choosing a career or Major, you may also meet with an Academic Advisor.  

With the help of an advisor, you can:

  • Define and refine educational goals and objectives, and understand the consequences of alternative courses of action.
  • Be provided information regarding the nature and purpose of higher education.
  • Be encouraged to become an active participant in your educational planning and college life.
  • Make appropriate course, certificate, and degree selections.

To schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor, you may book online, or call us at 928-344-7624.

If you have declared a major, you are encouraged to contact a Division or Program Advisor.  Division and Program Advisors have specialized knowledge about your area of study and your specific major and can more accurately advise you in making decisions that will help you be more successful.

Special Programs

Several programs offer academic advising as part of their services:  

Military & Veteran Students

The Military Services office offers comprehensive services for active-duty military, DOD employees, and their families at MCAS-Yuma and the Yuma Proving Grounds. You may receive academic advisement and course registration assistance at both installations.  Visit their website to learn more about the services offered to Active Duty Military students.  

The Veteran Services office is your point of contact for receiving information, applying, and certifying your educational benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs and/or Department of Defense.  Visit their website to learn more about the services offered to Veteran students.