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Talent Search and the US Department of Education track all Talent Search students for a six-year time period following their exit from the program. This enables Talent Search to stay in contact with its graduates and also helps the Department of Education measure the effectiveness and success of the program.

We ask that all Talent Search Alumni complete this exit form for program record-keeping and tracking purposes. All information will be kept confidential from anyone outside of the AWC Talent Search program.

Post-Secondary Plan

By signing this form, I hereby authorize the release of:

  1. ENROLLMENT STATUS (Including PT/FT status, Program of study, completed credits, and anticipated graduation date)

I further authorize the Arizona Western College Talent Search Program to photocopy this form and submit it to any institution. I understand that some of my records may be protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and cannot be released without my written consent. I hereby waive all provisions of the law and privilege relating to the records described in this disclosure. I certify that this consent has been given freely and voluntarily. I may revoke this consent at any time by providing written notice of such revocation to AWC Talent Search office or person who maintains the records of this authorization. This authorization is good for six years after High School graduation. The person and or agency receiving this information may not disclose the information received as a result of this disclosure unless specifically authorized in the “purpose” section of this release.

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