Administrative and Financial Services

Administrative Services facilitates and promotes effective student access and success by ensuring a stable, responsive system for providing financial management services, facility support, and classified staff management. The various services provided within the Finance and Administrative Services area contribute to the organizational effectiveness of the College by ensuring functional and effective safety and security programs, risk management, and planning processes. The areas also track program success through annual program review and quarterly metric assessments of key management areas in classified personnel, facilities and financial management.

Business Services

The Business Services Office serves students, faculty and staff.  See cashier for student fees, payments and other functions.  Students can also request information about their student accounts, submit fee refund applications, and pick up student scholarship awards at this office.  Employee services include payroll distribution, travel reimbursement check distribution, purchase request processing, and a variety of others.

Financial Services

Financial Services oversees the general accounting functions. These jobs include the preparation of all College budgets. This office also reviews grant proposals, monitors and assures contract compliance; manages the administration of Payroll, Travel and Grants Accounting.

Facilities Management

Facilities management facilitates and promotes student access and success through delivery of responsive and effective facility support.  And also contributes to the organizational effectiveness of the College by ensuring implementation of both coordinated planning processes and functional and effective safety and security programs.

Campus Police

The Campus Police is an accredited state police agency, having been recognized as a government entity and receiving all rights and powers by authority of the State of Arizona. As such the department maintains rights and authority to enforce all campus rules, city ordinances, and state and federal criminal statutes.

Eatery & Bookstore

Finding your favorite foods at Arizona Western College is easy. We are proud to offer signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. The bookstore is located in our 3C building on the Yuma campus and provides both purchase and rental options.