the AWC Main Campus, the Downtown CenterSan Luis Learning CenterWellton Learning CenterQuartzsite Learning Center, and Parker Learning Center.  We also provide services to our location in Somerton. The information and instructions on this page are designed to provide instructions to the faculty and staff for reporting equipment problems, trouble calls, and requesting other services.

We hope this information makes the reporting process more user friendly for our customers. Please direct any questions or suggestions regarding these instructions to the Director of District Operations at (928) 314-9470.

Points of Contact

Points of Contact are Division/Department Secretaries or Administrative Assistants and are responsible for screening all trouble calls. They will then submit a Work Order Request form to Facilities to generate a work order.

Work Order Requests

Please use the Work Order Request Form to submit all requests for work orders.  This form will require you to provide the information we must have to quickly expedite your request(s). 


All work orders will be prioritized according to the nature of the problem. All Priority One requests will be considered emergencies and will require a 24-hour or sooner response from FM. The following problems are classified as emergencies:

  1. Smoke or natural gas smells
  2. Hazardous material spills
  3. Loss of water in residence halls, cafeteria or cottages
  4. Exposed live electrical wires
  5. Major water leaks
  6. Compromised security of buildings
  7. Power outage in occupied buildings
  8. Stopped up shower or sink in cottages or residence halls
  9. Clogged toilet, except where it is one of several
  10. Non-functioning cooler or freezer
  11. Situations that interfere with building entrance or egress
  12. Inoperable air conditioning in residence halls during periods when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees
  13. Shattered windows
  14. Beeping door keypad (Dorms)
  15. Beeping smoke detectors (Dorms)

Priority Two work orders are those considered to be urgent in nature but not emergencies. These will be completed within ten working days of submission. Priority two work orders for the residence halls and cafeteria will take precedence over others of the same priority.

Priority Three are those that will be accomplished within thirty days, manpower permitting.

Priority Four requests will be completed as time, manpower and funding permits.

There are three separate classifications of work orders facilities uses to separate by priority. Unscheduled or reactive maintenance (UM) will require priority one or two response. All requests that are not related to equipment breakdown or other building systems failure will be considered Routine maintenance (RM) and be assigned a priority three or four. Preventive or scheduled maintenance (PM) will always be assigned priority two responses and take precedence over all other work other than emergencies and residence hall and cafeteria trouble calls. Status of all open work orders can be checked by email at or calling FM personnel at (928) 314-9470.

Work Orders

Work orders will be issued for calls requiring emergency repair, custodial support, outside contractors, repairs to major capital equipment, and all preventive and predictive maintenance or change in use.

Any request for facilities modification, renovation, or change in use needs to be submitted to the Director of District Operations via the Change in Use or Function form found on the main Facilities webpage.