The Facilities Management Department is dedicated to providing an attractive, clean, accessible, safe, and well planned educational environment to facilitate campus activities and support the mission and goals of the institution.  All efforts of the department are service based and satisfactory customer service is an essential component and goal of all departmental undertakings.

Work Order

Something in need of repair? Submit a Facilities Work Order Request.


Custodial Setup

Have an upcoming event? Submit a Custodial Setup Request.


Because of high energy costs, AWC has established temperature comfort zones for heating and cooling.

In the winter, the set point for heating is 70 degrees.

In the summer, the set point for cooling is 75 degrees.

For those buildings on the Central Plant system, the occupants have the latitude to adjust the temperature + or - two degrees by moving the lever on the bottom of the thermostat between cool and heat.

Special requests for exceptions to these standards should be forwarded with justification to this department after approval by the Vice President.

AWC has emergency backup power only for the NAU phone system and the computer maintenance room. In case of a complete campus power outage, APS must be contacted to re-energize the incoming power off campus to restore power for the campus.

That call will be made either by Campus Police or Facilities personnel.

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Custodial Setup Request Form Webform
Work Order Request Form Webform
Change in Use or Function of Facility Space Request Form Download
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Arizona Western College’s (AWC) Facilities Management Department (FM) consists of over 50 full and part time employees tasked with providing custodial, groundskeeping, maintenance, and repair of all equipment and facilities on all AWC campuses. FM maintains over 725,000 square feet of building space throughout Yuma and La Paz Counties.

Facilities Management is committed to enhancing environmental awareness, responsibility, and sustainability throughout the College community. The principles of environmental sustainability are central to all FM activities, and by integrating these principles into all aspects of its operations, planning, and policy, AWC enhances its role as a leader within the greater community. FM will set an example of responsible environmental stewardship through its ongoing commitment to incorporate sustainable practices into its daily decision-making processes and support resource conservation, reduction of waste and pollution, recycling, minimizing our environmental footprint, and investing in the local community.

The Director of Facilities Management (DFM) is responsible for operations and maintenance of all AWC campuses. The DFM is also responsible for implementing and maintaining preventative maintenance programs to insure equipment and facilities run at peak efficiency to support the AWC educational mission.

The Director of Risk Management and Special Projects (DRM) is responsible for environmental and safety compliance, as well as insurance for the College. The DRM is also responsible for special projects as assigned.

FM employees take pride in supporting the educational goals of AWC and strive to provide the best facilities available in order to fulfill our most important responsibility, meeting the needs of our students and community every day.