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Campus event/activity risk management form, must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

Student and Faculty Reporting Forms
For student misconduct, grievances, sexual harassment or other disciplinary concern’s, please visit our student conduct section and fill out the appropriate report.

Contact Information

Event Information

Description of event and activities
Will attendees of this event be others beside AWC students and staff?
Reserving space must be done through the AWC website under Online Services and then Campus Events then select new reservation at the top of the page for space in the 3C and for other campus space. Any setups, technology support, security or any other needs outside the Conference & Events 3C bldg space must be requested separately. Facility setup work orders must be sent by an appointed point of contact to facilities@azwestern.edu. Technology must have a request sent to helpdesk@azwestern.edu and requests for security or other AWCPD needs are sent to campus.police@azwestern.edu. If you have scheduled space through Conference & Events, then they will be assisting you with room setups and technology, but you still need to submit the vendor requirements, contracts and insurance to Risk Management. Online Services

Items that need to be requested by work order from Facilities at least 3 working days before the event Tables and chairs, hoses, extra trashcans, turning off sprinklers, moving the BBQ and set-up of tents (Facilities does not own any tent, you must get permission from the tent owner to use). Facilities does not provide additional lighting or extension cords.
Do you have any vendors, entertainment or demonstrations?
Will you be providing food from other than conference and events?

Please include Risk Management in the planning stages of your event to avoid any last minute problems. Each event is considered separately and AWC strives to support educational, entertaining and diverse activities on campus.