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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness services coordinates and facilitates programming for health and wellness education and awareness campaigns for high risk behaviors, healthy behaviors and title IX violence intervention and prevention themes for all students throughout the district. This includes Yuma, Somerton, San Luis, and Parker. Programming includes campus activities and marketing surrounding our monthly themes to ensure student learning outcomes that will have a positive impact on students and lead to happy and successful lives.

Upcoming Student Activities & Events

Mar 22, 08:00am - 05:00pm Mental Health First Aid Training
Mar 23, 09:30am - 01:00pm Upward Bound Get Hired Not Fired
Mar 27, 03:00pm - 04:30pm Net Vet Ally Training
Apr 12, 03:00pm - 04:30pm Safe Zone Training

Request an Appointment

AWC is committed to the health and safety of all members of our community. Request an appointment below.

You can also request an appointment by email at or phone at (928) 344-7602.


The office of Health and wellness exists to support students and their success. We are here to help students achieve their academic goals by encouraging a balance of health and well-being. We do our best to ensure the college experience is positive, rewarding and successful. Students have access to a safe place to talk and get help dealing with anything as it relates to their personal health and/or wellness; anything from medical complications to stress or life issues and struggles. Students can receive stress and time management tips as well as practice self-care and compassion. Students can also receive assistance connecting to campus and community members to meet their needs as well as receive resources and referrals. We also have a CARE report or “IR” incident report which allows us to have a transparent and universal referral process available to the campus community for students of concern and can remain anonymous.


What is TimelyCare?

A FREE 24/7 mental health support for all AWC students. Students, go to TimelyCare to register with your AWC email addressand receive services like;

  • TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: scheduled appointments to meet with a licensed counselor
  • Psychiatry: scheduled appointments available through referral from (school) counseling center or TimelyCare
  • Group Sessions: Weekly Guided Meditation and Yoga Group Sessions, plus specialized sessions throughout the year.
  • Prescription Discount Card

Register for TimelyCare

Each month throughout the academic year hosts one health or risk behavior theme and one Title IX theme. Be on the lookout for e-newsletters, trainings, activities, and events related to these themes and more.

  • January – Body Image & Stalking
  • February –Nutrition/Exercise/Heart Health & Healthy Relationships
  • March – Smoking Cessation/Self-harm & Discrimination
  • April – Drug and Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault
  • May – Mental Health & Harassment
  • June/July – Sun Safety
  • August – Welcoming Intro and Resources & Consent
  • September – Suicide Awareness and Prevention & Healthy Relationships
  • October – Cancer Awareness & Domestic Violence
  • November – Healthy and Risk behaviors
    (sleep, stress management, hygiene, seatbelt use, texting and driving, DUI & Bullying)
  • December – Health Insurance & Sexual Health

Our staff is committed to:

  • Promoting mental health awareness
  • Educating in and out of the classroom
  • Encouraging positive life changes
  • Promoting healthy relationships
  • Advocating for the human experience
  • Supporting a healthy and well-balanced environment on campus
  • Providing resources to assist each student with success

For more information, please contact us.

  • Diana Corona
  • Student Health & Wellness Coordinator
  • (928) 317-6067

Student Health Advocates Club

Student Health advocates club is a student volunteer health and wellness education club at AWC. Students are trained on various topics to help educate their peers and campus community as well as raise awareness about risk behaviors, health issues, and concerns through educational workshops, events and campaigns. SHA primarily focuses on behavioral health, violence intervention and prevention, and healthy lifestyle choices/behaviors to help create a more inclusive and equitable campus. This club provides students with an opportunity to get educated, get involved, meet people, be an advocate, inform others, build their resume, earn scholarships, strengthen skill-set, and contribute to a better campus, etc.

Call us at (928) 344-7602 or email our Student Health & Wellness Coordinator

AWC is committed to the health and safety of all members of our community. If you know of a distressed student who may need support, please help us connect with them by submitting a report.

Report Concern

This form is monitored during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm) and may not be immediately reviewed. Call 911 or contact AWC Campus Police (928) 344-5555 or (928) 314-9500 IMMEDIATELY if there is a risk of harm to self or others. A 24/7 crisis response team (trained mental health professionals) is also available at 1-866-495-6735.