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Our mission is to assist students with a smooth and successful transfer into and from Arizona Western College.

Welcome! We are dedicated to evaluating all incoming transcripts of students who have been admitted and enrolled in classes. Once students decide to further their education at a university, transfer specialists help each student with the exploration of degree pathways and specific university agreements with all three in-state universities for a smooth transfer. We offer personalized support to all transfer students in various aspects of the transferring process by following specific educational plans, guides, and resources for a successful transition.

Meet With Our Staff

Transfer Services and Program Coordinator Appointment

Transfer Services and Program Coordinator Appointment

Once students decide to further their education at a university, the transfer team can help you with the exploration of degree pathways and specific university agreements with all three in-state universities or other out-of-state options for a smooth transfer.

Advising for AWC2NAU Yuma Students

Advising for AWC2NAU Yuma Students

University Partnerships Manager, Eva Aviles, will provide NAU Yuma students advising, transfer resources, and admissions support. These appointments are held at AWC Academic Advising Department.

Below you will find some useful information, recommendations, and links to more transfer services. By starting at AWC students save thousands of dollars.

Steps to Transfer to AWC

We are pleased that you have chosen to transfer to AWC. These steps will help guide you through the process.


Get Admitted

Apply for admission. Once admitted, students should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor and will need to register for classes before the evaluation process can be started. (None-degree-seeking students may provide an unofficial transcripts when meeting with an AWC Academic Advisor)


Request an Evaluation

Submit an Online Request for Evaluation/Re-evaluation of Credits.



Request official transcripts from all prior institutions. Acceptable transcripts require the imprint of the official school seal and must be sent directly from the issuing institution to:

Arizona Western College
Transfer Services Office
PO Box 929
Yuma, AZ 85366-0929

Electronic official transcripts may be sent to Acceptable transcripts must be sent directly from the institution or organization.

Prior Learning Assessment information and credential requirements are found on the AWC PLA page.


Register for 6 (minimum) AWC Credit Hours

Students must be enrolled or have completed at least 6 AWC credit hours before an official evaluation of transfer credit can be started. If attempting to register for courses for which a prerequisite was taken at another institution, students must obtain a signature from an Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors can confirm completion of the prerequisite courses through an unofficial copy of transcripts from the previous institution(s).


Activate Student Accounts

All communication regarding the evaluation of transfer credit will be through the official student email. Students will be notified via email of the results of the evaluation of transfer credit. Students will be directed to the Self-Service student portal to view and print an unofficial AWC transcript and/or request an official AWC transcript.

* Non-degree-seeking students are not required to complete these steps. Official transcripts may be referenced with an AWC Academic Advisor for registration.

* Once the student has completed all steps listed above, evaluating transcripts may take up to three weeks. Failure to complete all steps may cause a delay in the evaluation and posting of transfer credits.

* The time frame for the evaluation process is subject to change during peak request periods. Review specific program admissions deadlines and processes to plan accordingly.

All external credits evaluated and posted onto Arizona Western College transcripts are considered permanent records.

NOTE: Evaluations for students applying for Nursing, Radiology, Massage Therapy, or Fire Science may require more time to complete. Please submit transcripts as early as possible before applying to the program to ensure credits will be posted to the AWC transcript.

Students who disagree with the results of their evaluation and want to seek the petition process to have the Vice President of Learning Services review the evaluation, please complete the Instructional/Academic Concern form located as Report a Concern form under Student Conduct.

Earn an Associate Degree While Completing Your Bachelor Degree!

Reverse Transfer Logo

The Reverse Transfer initiative is a collaborative effort between Arizona Western College and the three in-state universities (ASU, NAU, UA). Students who transfer without completing their associate’s degree to a participating Arizona university from Arizona Western College are given the opportunity to combine community college and university credits to determine if missing associate degree requirements have been met.

There is no cost for participating Arizona Western College students. There are no “hidden” fees – if you have been determined to be eligible and opt-in to the process, your university and Arizona Western College will provide your transcript information free of charge. And there are no graduation application fees. 

The Reverse Transfer initiative applies to students who do not yet have an associate degree (or higher), and who meet the following criteria:

  • Completed a minimum of 15 credits at Arizona Western College;
  • Earned a minimum of 30 credits at a participating university;
  • Met all requirements for an associate degree as outlined in the student’s Arizona Western College catalog; and
  • Consented to the exchange of transcript information from the participating university and Arizona Western College for the purpose of a degree audit.

Typical degrees include the Associate in Arts (AA) degree, the Associate in Science (AS) degree, the Associate in Business (ABUS) or the Associate in General Studies (AGS), dependent upon the student’s coursework completed to date. The Reverse Transfer Coordinator will review your transcripts and determine which degree matches up best with the courses you have completed.

Visit your university to determine eligibility.

Learn about Reverse Transfer at ASU.

Check to see if you meet the requirements to obtain your associate’s degree by completing the ASU Consent Form through the ASURITE Account.

Learn about Reverse Transfer at NAU

Opt-In by completing and submitting the NAU Reverse Transfer form to the registrar's office. (PDF form)

Learn about Reverse Transfer at UA

Opt-In by completing and submitting the UA Reverse Transfer form to the registrar's office.

International Students Transferring to AWC

If you are an international student who needs to start the process of becoming an AWC student, please contact the International Office at (928) 344-7699 or visit the office in the 3C building.

Credit from Foreign Institutions

Transfer students with non-U.S. transcripts of post-secondary education who apply for an online Evaluation of Credits must request a course-by-course evaluation report from one of the recommended foreign credential evaluation services listed below to determine the U.S. equivalency of credit and also provide a course syllabus or course description in English for each class.
Submit the online Evaluation/Re-evaluation of Credits Request form.

Foreign Credential Service of America Contact Number 1(877) 553-4285

In order to perform an evaluation we require the following:

  • Must be a detailed evaluation of coursework
  • Page 2 of this application form signed and dated
  • Final Degrees, Diploma or Certificates
  • Full, Official Transcripts/Marksheets/Academic Records showing all subjects studied, examinations, and grades
  • Certified word-for-word English Translation for all academic credentials submitted. Certified translations must be performed by a qualified disinterested third party, typically a professional translation company, university or government agency.

Exception: If your documents are in Spanish you may provide your translation or submit one performed by a friend or family member.
Cost: $140.00 for a detailed evaluation of coursework

SpanTran The Evaluation Company Contact Number (713) 266 8805

In order to perform an evaluation we require the following:

  • In order to perform an evaluation, we require the following:
  • Students must complete the online form (SpanTran Application for Arizona Western College
  • Here's what you'll need to complete this application:

    1) Copies of your official transcripts in their original language

    2) Copies of any diplomas/degree certificates you earned in their original language

    3) A scan of your passport

    4) Credit/debit card for payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, etc.)

    If you have any questions, please send an email to

Cost: $150 for a Course Analysis Report (list’s courses, grades and GPA)

International Educational Equivalency Evaluation Services Inc. Contact Number: (414) 319-5000

In order to perform an evaluation we require the following:

  • The credential requires for admission to each program.
  • The level of the program (i.e. secondary, post-secondary).
  • The indigenous qualification terminology and the most sensible English translation.
  • The coursework required for all post-secondary programs. If no grade report is available for evaluation, we will reconstruct based on our resources to the extent possible.
  • The resources used in making the determination.
  • Must be a detailed/course-by-course evaluation

Cost: $175.00 for a detailed/course-by-course evaluation

Transcript Research Contact Number: (214) 810-1124

Also a request for evaluation of credits form needs to be completed online. For more information contact our office at (928) 344-7638

In order to perform an evaluation we require the following:

  • Must be a detailed/course-by-course evaluation
  • Transcript Research requires official documents to conduct evaluations. We cannot use copies, scans, or faxes unless they can be verified with the issuing institution. If we require the transcripts or other academic credentials to be submitted directly to Transcript Research form your institution, please use our Records Request form.
  • Some education institutions issue documents in English and another language. We require documents issued by the institution in English and the native language (if issued) from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, European Union (if using Diploma Supplement), Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • For those countries whose documents are issued in French, Spanish, or Portuguese, please submit word-for-word English translations that follow the same format as the native language documents.

Cost: $175 for a detailed/course-by-course evaluation

ACEI Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, INC    Contact Number 1-800-234-1597

In order to perform an evaluation, we require the following:

  • Students must fill out and return the completed application for evaluation form ACEI Application for Evaluation.
  • Students must submit the following documents:
    • Transcripts Official/Original complete sets of student’s permanent academic record (transcripts/report cards/examination statements/marks sheets) showing subjects or courses studied per each academic term/year with hours of instruction [lecture/laboratory/credits/units] and final examination results/grades/marks issued by the institution(s).
    • Translations Official/Original complete set of translations for all academic documents issued in a language other than English must be translated into English and submitted (with 2 sets of photocopies). Translations must be official or original, line-by-line, word-for-word and in the same format as the original-language documents prepared by a licensed translator. Official or original translations will be returned to the applicant at the completion of the evaluation if requested in writing. NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS WITHOUT THE DOCUMENTS IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE. EVALUATIONS ARE NOT BASED ON TRANSLATIONS ALONE. If you need assistance with the translation of your credentials, please contact ACEI for more information or click on TRANSLATION SERVICE.

Cost $185.00 for a comprehensive course-by-course report.

Transcript Evaluation System for Incoming Students

How many external credits can be transferred into Arizona Western College?

Arizona Western College does not have a limit of credits students can transfer into Arizona Western College. However, not all credits transferred can be applied towards a degree or certificate. Please refer to the institution's Policies and Procedures for incoming students in the next tab.

Transfer Tools – A resource utilized to help students recognize the process of how transfer coursework will transfer to institutions in the State of Arizona.

The Community College Course Equivalency Guide (CC-CEG) displays the equivalencies from one Arizona community college to another that have been reverse engineered from the university-to-community college transfer data.

Non-traditional education and/or experience may be equivalent to college-level credit?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is learning individuals gain outside of traditional educational classrooms. Individuals may obtain learning in a variety of non-traditional settings such as workshops in the workplace, training through the military or law enforcement, professional certifications, or national examinations. The best part is that many non-traditional learning experiences may be equivalent to college-level credit!

Prior Learning Assessment methods include:

  • AP
  • CLEP
  • Special Examination
  • Portfolio

Many exams are available under this program for those who wish to earn college credit by examination. Students should be aware that CLEP and AP credit policies vary among colleges and universities, given that credit given by Arizona Western College may be increased or decreased upon transfer.

If this applies to you, learn more about our Prior Learning Assessment program.

Visit the Exam Equivalency Guide for information on these five testing programs: Advanced Placement (AP), Cambridge International Exams (CIE), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST), and International Baccalaureate (IB)

  1. Official transcript scores from CLEP need to be sent directly to:

Arizona Western College
Transfer Services Office
PO Box 929
Yuma, AZ 85366-0929

  1. Evaluation and posting of CLEP testing credit will be completed once Transfer Services has received the official transcript (score report) and the student is registered for a minimum of six (6) credits at Arizona Western College.

Credit cannot be granted for courses equivalent to or at a lower level than courses already completed through formal course work or in progress during or after the eighth week of the semester. For example, students enrolled in Spanish 260, 261, 263, 265 and who desire CLEP credit for SPA 101, 102, 201, 202 must take the CLEP exam before the 8th week of the semester.

Please note: AWC no longer accepts the traditional Spanish CLEP exam. Current policy requires Spanish Language 1 & 2 With Writing for transfer credit. For university requirements, check for CLEP equivalencies by visiting the university website or

Click on CLEPs Exams Guide to see free and comprehensive resources to help prepare for these exams. (Resources provided by Center for School, College & Career Resources)

Students planning to transfer to a university must request an additional official score report to be sent by CLEP.

  1. To obtain an official transcript (score report) complete the required steps in CollegeBoard:

CLEP transcript
Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541-6600
1 (800) 257-9558
FAX (609) 771-7088

  1. Official transcript scores from AP need to be sent directly to:

Arizona Western College
Transfer Services Office
 PO Box 929
Yuma, AZ 85366-0929

  1. For students who have completed the Advance Placement (AP) Exam, the evaluation and posting of credits will be completed once the official transcript (score report) is received and the student is registered for a minimum of six (6) credits at Arizona Western College.

Students planning to transfer to a university must request an additional official score report to be sent directly to that specific university.

To obtain the official transcript (score report) complete the required steps in CollegeBoard.

AP Services
Box 6671
Princeton, NJ
(212) 713-8066

For specific questions on the previously mentioned tests, visit Testing Services.

Our Policies and Procedures For Incoming Students


Arizona Western College accepts credits from institutions accredited by the 6 regional associations and by specialized accrediting bodies as listed by the office of Postsecondary Education.

Is your school accredited? - Find out from the U.S. Department of Education.

Our policy states that students must complete 15 credits in-house for a degree, and 6 credits in-house for a certificate. The maximum number of credits through examination/non-course that can be transferred is 30. Therefore, 49 transfer credits can be applied towards a degree and for the certificate; it is determined based on the amount of credits each one requires.

How courses are evaluated and awarded?

Courses transferred from another regionally accredited institution to Arizona Western College are evaluated by reviewing the course content, goals and outcomes to determine if the course will be awarded.

  • Courses that are considered developmental courses are only transferred to meet requirements into the next level (i.e. below 100-level).
  • All coursework completed with a letter grade “C” or higher within an 8-year time frame will be evaluated regardless of major currently pursuing at Arizona Western College. Transfer course grades are not reflected on AWC transcripts nor included in Arizona Western College GPA.
  • Courses more than eight years old apply to degree requirements at the discretion of the College. In areas where information changes rapidly, departments may accept, reject, or request revalidation of earlier courses. There is no time limit for general education courses (AGEC).
  • Quarter-Hour Credits: Students with quarterly hours will need to make up the difference of credits equated to Arizona Western College coursework. A deficiency in an AGEC category due to quarter-hour must be recovered by additional credits within the same or another AGEC categorical requirement. *Quarter hour = two-thirds (.67) semester hours. (i.e. 6 quarter hours x .67 = 4.02 semester hours).
  • Certain coursework outcomes and goals are provided to Faculty to recommend the applicable equivalency.
  • Students must submit coursework descriptions for the following reasons:
    • coursework completed prior to 2011
    • foreign coursework
    • re-evaluation of credits
  • All external credits evaluated and posted onto Arizona Western College transcripts are considered a permanent record.
  • A Standard three-credit course (3cr) with an instructional method of lecture (3 lec) requires 2400 minutes (40 hours) of instructional time (regardless of delivery mode) per semester. 1 credit (lecture) is equivalent to 800 minutes.

Effective March 31, 2015, Transfer Services will no longer keep any external transcripts or evaluations on file prior to a year of receipt. The only records that we will have on file will be for the current year. According to Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, external transcripts and evaluations are not considered an essential record and by law we are not required to keep them on file once evaluated and posted onto the student record. It is considered to be a liability to the institution.

External is considered (CLEP’s, AP’s, Institution transcripts, and Military)

Should you have any questions, please contact Transfer Services.