Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Transfer Services Office will be working remotely. Please send inquiries to transfer.services@azwestern.edu or schedule a Zoom or phone appointment with the Transfer Specialist, Transfer Services and Program Coordinator, or Transfer Services Peer Mentors.

In order to avoid roadblocks when transferring from Arizona Western College to a four-year college or university, it is important to understand what needs to be done, plan in advance, and use appropriate resources when taking action. Although admission requirements, enrollment procedures, and academic requirements vary from institution to institution, there are certain elements of the transfer process that are common among most colleges or universities.

Transfer students have an advantage of previous college experience that will help them make informed decisions on what they want from a transfer institution. However, sometimes assumptions based on a student’s past experiences can be “misguiding”. When in doubt, please ask! College and university personnel want you to succeed, but do not always know your specific needs unless you communicate.

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AZTransfer will provide you with more information on how to transfer to ASU, NAU, and UofA. There is also a tool called MyCEG  that allows you to create course equivalency reports and save searches.


  • Students may transfer a maximum of 64 credits to a baccalaureate program.
  • Universities accept college-level (not remedial) courses in which you have earned a grade of “C” or better from regionally accredited institutions
  •  All transferable/applicable community college credits are accepted as lower-division credits and do not satisfy upper-division liberal studies.
  •  Students must complete 24 credit hours from a college and have a GPA of 2.00 in order to be admitted as a transfer student to the university.
  • University advisors can only advise students if the student has applied for admissions and official transcripts have been received at the university.
  • Develop a transfer plan by following  the information provided to you

While there is no limit to the total number of units of course work that may be transferred from an accredited community college to the in-state universities, no more than 64 of those units may be applied toward the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The choice of the 64 units is at the discretion of the student in consultation with an advisor.

Go to www.azwestern.edu/curriculum for more information on Arizona Western Colleges’ articulation agreements. You may also learn about the pathways between AWC and all three in-state universities (ASU, NAU, UA) by going to each specific one for details.  Pathways have been articulated to allow students to complete their 2yr Associate's degree at AWC and meet the required coursework for the first 2yrs at NAU. The AAS to BAS agreement provides students who are pursuing or have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree to transfer up to 75 credit hours for the specified courses at the university granting the BAS degree.

 There is a difference between applicability and transferability of the credits you can transfer to a four-year institution. The applicability of credits is when credits go directly into your degree requirements. The transferability of credits means your classes can be transferred to any university, but it is not guaranteed that they will be applicable towards your degree.

Steps for a Smooth and Successful Transfer to any Institution


Whether you are undecided or you have identified the institution of your choice, take the steps to research your major. If you are undecided on your major, go to Career and Advisement Services. If you have decided on the institution of your choice, explore the transfer process. 

Participate in an Admissions Application Workshop

Workshops offer information on specific institution’s processes and discuss degree options. You may also attend an admission Application Workshop to start your transfer process. You will obtain information on the admission process, deadlines, scholarships, housing, and degree programs. View the “Events” under Transfer Services to attend.

Major Requirements

When selecting a major, research the transferable and applicable courses for your program. Get informed on the prerequisite or requirements for your degree. Use online resources such as AZTransfer.com to learn how your courses will transfer to the university or get informed of degree pathways and articulation agreements which facilitate the course credit transfer by outlining specific requirements.  Start planning out the classes you need to take at AWC using the Student Planning tool in Self-Service.

Meet with an AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator

Meet with an AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator for guidance on your degree and/or to discuss the different pathways available to you. Learn about the services offered through Transfer Services- Click on the link to watch the video.


It is important to become aware of deadlines to avoid any setbacks on the transfer process. Most universities have an admission application fee. Consult online admissions timelines and checklists, and communicate with an admissions representative and academic advisor in your area of study if you need clarification.

Talk to your University Advisor

Contact the university/institution advisor to address further concerns. Be prepared with questions when you meet with an advisor, in order to get the most from your session.

Be proactive in your Arizona Western College degree completion and follow up on the steps and process to make a successful transfer. Attend a Transfer Session to learn more. 

If you still have questions, contact Transfer Services at 928-344-7638. We’ll be happy to assist you!

As an additional resource, read the following Guide: Affordable Colleges Online's College Transfer Guide addresses some of the key issues faced by students looking to transfer, including admissions for transfer students, scholarships specific to those students, and highlights the differences between a community college transfer and a transfer between universities.

AWC Peer Mentor

You may reach AWC Peer Mentor at Transfer Services to learn more of what steps to take in your transition to a university:

My name is Jenny Beltrán. I am a Peer Mentor for AWC Transfer Services. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University-Yuma after having transferred from Arizona Western College. Being first generation was tough, I did not know what to do or where to go when it came to my college education; I just knew I was going to obtain one. Completing my four- year degree was not easy, but it was certainly not impossible. Having a department such as Transfer Services makes things so much easier. Students no longer have to wonder if what they are doing is taking them to the right path in achieving their academic goals. Let me know how I can help you navigate through the transfer process.

Contact Transfer Services Peer Mentor, Jeanette Beltran at Jeanette.Beltran@azwestern.edu or at (928) 344-7638. You can also schedule an appointment with an AWC Peer Mentor.

Northern Arizona University

Arizona Western College has been in partnership with Northern Arizona University for over 25 years. NAU-Yuma offers over 15 transfer degree pathways (NAU AXE). Learn more about the degrees available at NAU-Yuma. Overall NAU offers over 130 degree pathways (NAU AXE). Visit NAU. At NAU, follow your passions and expand your career possibilities with an online degree program.

Northern Arizona University offers students the Data-Sharing Agreement also known as the “AXE Agreement”. The AXE Agreement offers collaboration between NAU and AWC to share admission, transcript, and program details to ensure students are assisted with the transfer process. Students are also referred to key NAU personnel to support with a smoother transition. Several career pathways are available to students with details on specific course requirements which meet the first two years at Northern Arizona University. Students are able to transfer specific AWC degrees into designated NAU programs as a block; therefore, saving time and offering affordability when obtaining an undergraduate degree at NAU.

Join 2NAU. Bring your future closer.


Northern Arizona University

NAU Enrollment and Student Services
(928) 317-6436

Schedule an NAU virtual tour.

Virtual Activities & Tours

NAU Virtual Tour

Schedule an NAU virtual tour.

Note: The university agreement does not exempt students from completing the required university admission application.

The following degree pathways between NAU-Yuma and AWC have been articulated to allow students to complete their 2yr Associates degree at AWC and meet the required coursework for the first 2yrs at NAU.

You can now check how your AWC credits can transfer by creating an account and adding your courses to Jackspath.

View your degree options at NAU Yuma:  https://nau.edu/yuma/

Steps for a successful transfer to NAU

Meet with AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator to complete the NAU AXE agreement if your degree has a degree pathway.


Submit your 2NAU application within your first year at AWC.


Follow the 6 steps listed under "Steps for a Smooth and Successful Transfer to any Institution".


Always follow up with an AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator if you encounter any difficulties, barriers or have any concerns during your transfer process or after you transfer to NAU.

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Learn more about these resources by visiting Events.

Arizona State University

Arizona Western College has been in partnership with Arizona State University for over 5 years. ASU@Yuma offers 3 transfer degree pathways and reduced tuition rates of around $3,200 or $6,400 a year. Overall ASU offers over 80 transfer degree pathways. ASU offers over 300 programs, so there are many options to choose from. You can earn a degree online from ASU Online.

The MyPath2ASU provides students with many benefits for assistance in the transfer process. Students may take advantage of guidance for the admission process and access to university resources such as online tools, student online portal (My ASU), and scholarships. MyPath2ASU™ creates a seamless transfer experience to ASU after earning credits or an associate's degree from a U.S. community college or university. Choose from more than 400 pathways into an on-ground or online ASU degree program, and have access to personalized benefits to help you navigate the transfer experience. Plan a path into your major of choice by taking classes that transfer to ASU—shortening your time to degree completion. A simple, seamless transition into one of the nation’s top 10 universities for undergraduate education — that’s MyPath2ASU.  The MyPath2ASU guarantees admission to ASU degree programs once all requirements are met which ensure cost effectiveness and time efficiency in selecting courses that transfer to the specific ASU degree. By signing an agreement, AWC and ASU may collaborate with student data and information to ensure student support with pre-enrollment services such as access to an ASU transfer specialist and invitations to special events at ASU.

Arizona State University

Clayton Kidd
Criminology Lecturer and Program Coordinator
(520) 884-5507 Ext. 20619

Laura Corr
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College -Yuma Regional Lead
(928) 317-6205

Gerald West
Assistant Director -Recruitment, Outreach, & Engagement
(480) 727-1526

Aimee Sharifi
Coordinator Transfer Admissions
(602) 543-8179

Sharon An
Admissions Coordinator Sr.
W. P. Carey School of Business
Undergraduate Admissions Office
(480) 965-5187 

ASU Resources for you: https://asuforyou.asu.edu/

Schedule an ASU virtual tour.

Virtual Activities & Tours

ASU Virtual AZ Transfer Fairs
Description: Join this virtual Transfer Fair for a presentation on transferring to ASU.
When and time: Mondays 3 pm-4 pm and Wednesdays 12 pm-1 pm
Join this fair.

ASU Virtual Transfer Friday Presentations
Description: Join this presentation for details on transferring to ASU with an academic session with a college representative.
When: Fridays starting at 12:30 pm
Join this presentation.

ASU Remote Calendly Appointments
Description: Meet your transfer specialist with 20-minute appointments for your questions on transferring to Arizona State University.
When: Monday-Friday various times
Check my calendar for various dates and times.

Note: The university agreement does not exempt students from completing the required university admission application.

Steps for a successful transfer to ASU

Enable a seamless college journey by building your Pathway to ASU. ASU has combined technology with curriculum to develop hundreds of pathways from Arizona Western College into ASU majors. Customize your transfer experience by creating a personalized transfer map to help you select the right community college classes to stay on track and minimize loss of credit towards your ASU major. Receive 24/7 direct access to transfer tools, including Transfer Guide that allows you to track your degree progress. Once you’ve activated your Transfer Guide account, you’re well on your way to earn Guaranteed Admission into the major of your choice* and to earn your bachelor’s degree within two years, all while saving time and money. Stay connected to your college journey and build your Pathway to ASU today!

Meet with AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator, Transfer Peer Menors, or ASU Student Ambassador to complete the TAG agreement if your degree has a degree pathway. If you know your degree, complete the pathway with the Major Map and use the ASU Transfer Credit Guide to know how your courses will transfer.


Follow the 6 steps listed under "Steps for a Smooth and Successful Transfer to any Institution."


Submit admission application 6-9 months before you transfer.


Always follow up with an AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator if you encounter any difficulties, barriers or have any concerns during your transfer process or after you transfer to ASU.

Quick links:

Learn more about these resources by visiting Events. You may also contact the ASU Yuma Program representatives.

ASU Student Ambassador - AWC Transfer Services

Hello! My name is Saray Duran. I work as a Transfer Student Ambassador at the ASU@Yuma campus with the inspiration in helping students have a smooth transition into higher education. I was born in Meridian, Idaho but I was raised in San Luis, Arizona. Like many others, I have faced hardships, but they have only made me more resilient. After a long journey and strong support from many great people I have encountered during my way, I was able to successfully receive my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in the Spring of 2019. I am currently pursuing my Baccalaureate degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at ASU. I look forward to helping students get where they want to be just like others guided me to get where I am today.

Contact Saray Duran, ASU Student Ambassador, at asusarayduran@asu.edu or (928)344-7638.


University of Arizona

Arizona Western College has been in partnership with the University of Arizona for over 8 years. UA-Yuma offers over 16 transfer degree pathways. Overall UA offers over 30 degree pathways (AzTAP). Earn your degree 100% online.

If you are planning to transfer into a University of Arizona degree, make sure to sign up for UA Bridge Program (uabridge.arizona.edu).The University of Arizona Bridge application is a partnership between Arizona Western College and the University of Arizona that allows students to obtain more information and resources on any degree pursued at UA. It provides guaranteed admission into most UA undergraduate degree programs and a renewable $2000 scholarship. The bridge application must be completed while you are still an AWC student. Once this the bridge application is submitted, a dedicated UA transfer staff will contact students interested in transferring. In addition, students are given access to a Cat Card, UA Yuma Building and computers, UA email accounts, and other resources, including a UA Transfer Peer Mentor to facilitate the process. The AZ TAP Agreement is also available for specific degree pathways.

If you plan to transfer to any University of Arizona campus, make sure to also sign into the AZ TAP Agreement, AWC and UA may collaborate with student data and information to ensure students receive invitations to exclusive transfer events and activities within the three-year completion deadline. AWC transfer center will help you sign AZ TAP agreement. Transferable AWC programs are applicable as a block with detailed course descriptions compatible with UA degree programs. This facilitates the process in selecting courses from AWC and completing the first two years of most UA undergraduate programs with specific AWC degrees.

Participation in the UA Bridge application and the AZ TAP Agreement enhances the transfer experience and provides students with the opportunity to obtain Bridge scholarships. Note: The university agreement does not exempt students from completing the required university admission application.

University of Arizona

Allison Galliland
Academic Advisor
Yuma/La Paz/Imperial Valley
Schedule an appointment here.

Gabriella Siqueros
Academic Advisor
Yuma/La Paz/Imperial Valley
Schedule an appointment here.

UA-Advising Appointment: https://trellis.arizona.edu/solutions/trellis-advise
(928) 782-1914

Julia Sanchez
Enrollment Counselor
Yuma/La Paz/Imperial Valley
(928) 782-1914

Tanya Hodges
Regional Academic Coordinator
Yuma/La Paz/Imperial Valley
(928) 782-1945

Schedule a UA virtual tour.


Virtual Activities & Tours

UA Zoom Admissions Workshop on Workshop Wednesday
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Join with Zoom.

The following degree pathways between AWC and UA-Yuma (AzTAP) have been articulated to allow students to complete their 2yr Associate's degree at AWC and meet the required coursework for the first 2yrs at UA.

Visit University of Arizona to find more information about other degree pathways.

Steps for a successful transfer to UA

Meet with AWC Transfer Specialist to complete the UA AzTAP agreement if your degree has a degree pathway.


Submit your UA Bridge application within your first year at Arizona Western College.


Follow the 6 steps listed under "Steps for a Smooth and Successful Transfer to any Institution."


Submit U of A admission application 6-9 months before you transfer.


Always follow up with an AWC Transfer Services and Program Coordinator if you encounter any difficulties, barriers or have any concerns during your transfer process or after you transfer to UA.

Quick links:

Learn more about these resources by visiting Events. You may also contact the UA-Yuma representatives.

For the Academic Advisor-UA Yuma/ Jr. Biotech Coordinator, Allison Galliland, email agalliland@email.arizona.edu or call (928) 317-7110.

Other University Partners

Grand Canyon University (GCU)

Arizona Western College has been in partnership with GCU for over 4 years.

Students who have enrolled at Arizona Western College will find it easy to transfer credits earned towards a Bachelor’s Degree at Grand Canyon University. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, GCU offers a variety of nursing and health care programs, including undergraduate, graduate and bridge programs. Students can elect to take courses online or through evening classes, which meet just once a week at the Phoenix campus and other satellite locations throughout Arizona. Go to https://www.gcu.edu/admissions/college-transfer-center.php for more information. View the Articulation Associate Degrees and Course Equivalency Guide for GCU and AWC.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon Universtiy Virtual Activity:

GCU Zoom Coffee with a Counselor

Date: Monday through Friday

Time: 10:00am through 4:00pm

Location: Zoom – Coffee Delivered via Door Dash

RSVP via Email: Jaerden.willingham@gcu.edu or call (480) 653-2173


Jaerden Willingham
University Admissions Counselor- Traditional Campus Admissions
C: (480) 653-2173
P: (602) 639-5424

Isaiah Hamlin
University Development Representative- Online
P: (602)527-9839

Schedule an GCU virtual tour.

Charter Oak State College (COSC)

Charter Oak State College (COSC) has been in partnership with AWC for 11 years. Charter Oak State College serves non-traditional students, adult students, and those students seeking flexibility and affordability in degree completion. With online degree programs, there is no need to travel to a campus after work or on the weekends. AWC's programs in Public Safety Administration may be applicable with COSC Bachelorette degrees.

For more information in regards to the Charter Oak degrees, you can contact them directly at (860) 515-3800 or email COSC.

Charter Oak State College

Ashford University

Continue your education online at Ashford University. You worked hard to earn your credits at Arizona Western College and Ashford honors your hard work by allowing you to transfer up to 90 approved credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Ashford offers undergraduate and graduate programs in relevant disciplines such as business, education, health care, criminal justice, information technology, and more. All programs are offered online to fit into your busy schedule and all classes are taught by experts with advanced academic preparation. Find out how you could apply for your credits from Arizona Western College toward a degree at Ashford University. View the Ashford/AWC Transfer Guide.

Asford University


University of Phoenix (UOP)

Arizona Western College has been in partnership with UOP for over 5 years. Elevate your education by transferring your Arizona Western College credits toward a degree at University of Phoenix. When you enroll in classes at University of Phoenix, you'll be assigned a personalized team of advisors to support you from enrollment through graduation. The faculty hold advanced degrees and work in the fields they teach - so you'll gain practical, real-time knowledge that is focused, challenging, and relevant. As a student, you'll have access to innovative education technologies and work in learning teams alongside other students, many of whom are working professionals. Take advantage of AWC’s special fixed rate of $350 per credit for your bachelor’s degree, compared to the standard rate $398 per credit. Fill out the Request Information Form and an enrollment representative will contact you to do a complete evaluation, including Prior Learning Assessments.

Go to University of Phoenix's website to learn more about UOP. View the 2019/2020 AWC/ UOPX Course Transfer Guide.

University of Phoenix's response to COVID-19. Learn about the latest updates, helpful webinars, and K-12 Educator courses

University of Phoenix

Jesus M. Campa
Community College Strategy Manager
P: (480) 669-7211


American College of Education (ACE)

American College of Education offers students affordability and quality education. When you are ready to earn a bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree or advance from RN to MSN, AWC and ACE’s partnership offers accelerated online programs designed to fit your lifestyle and budget to get you to the next step in your career. Graduates from AWC, who apply and are admitted, can take advantage of the waived admission application fee and a program based grant over the term of attendance at ACE. Fill out the Request Information Form to start your transfer process.

Go to American College of Education's website to move your career forward with ACE.

American College of Education

Janet Miller
Assistant Director, Field Operations – Healthcare Professions
P: (844) 823-0651


Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on campus students, over 130,000 online students and an alumni network of more than 100,000, making it one of the  fastest growing universities in the nation. With an established partnership with Arizona Western College, SNHU also offers affordable, accessible degree programs to AWC graduates, AWC employees and their immediate family members with eligibility for a 10% tuition reduction for SNHU’s online undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to the waived undergraduate application fee.

Students may transfer up to 90 credits towards a bachelor degree program after institution review. SNHU is proud to offer over 200 transfer-friendly degree programs and flexible degree pathways to transfer students and alumni.

To learn more about continuing your education at SNHU, visit their website to learn more.

Southern New Hampshire University

Kurt Tautenhan
Assistant Director – Academic Alliances
P: (603) 851-3327

Click here to schedule your appointment with SNHU.

Students may email transcript evaluation requests to academicalliances@snhu.edu.

Schedule an SNHU virtual tour.

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Phone: (928) 344-7638
Fax: (928) 344-7543
Location: 3C - Top Floor
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:00pm

University Representatives

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