"Seeking Opportunities Through Education"

To develop leadership skills and experiences by working as a team, getting involved and serving the community, while gaining friendships through education.

Club S.O.T.E. is a volunteer, student-lead organization that falls under the direction of the KEYS Program. Club S.O.T.E.'s function as a college leadership club here at AWC is to learn, develop and grow as student leaders through planning, hosting and organizing a wide variety of events and activities, both on campus and the local community.

How do you join Club SOTE?

If you are an AWC student AND a participant of the KEYS Program, then you must:

  1. Contact the club advisor - You can email the club advisor, Chaney Linares at, or you can call the front desk at 928-344-7761 to learn more.
  2. Attend the next Club SOTE meeting
  3. Be welcomed to the club and start participating

Who can join Club SOTE?

In order to join Club SOTE, you have to be enrolled at AWC, be a participant of the KEYS Program AND maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Must be able to work as a team and maintain a positive attitude.  As a member of Club SOTE, you are an AWC student leader, and therefore a representative of not only Club SOTE and the KEYS Program, but also and most importantly, a representative of Arizona Western College.

Club SOTE Donations