The Cubby
The Cubby - Food Pantry and Closet

AWC is a community-based college dedicated to its student population and the community families it serves. As part of this dedication, AWC maintains a food bank to help meet the needs of the community through food, clothes, and toiletries generously donated by students, staff, and the greater Yuma community. Please consider helping this community by donating now!

Get Assistance or Give Today

Whether you're a new student or staff member seeking support for the semester ahead or a returning member of our community in need of assistance, our Initial Semester Request Form and Returning User Form are here for you.

If you're looking for a way to give back to those in need, our online giving platform provides a convenient avenue for you to contribute.

Initial Request

Please complete this form once every semester you are requesting assistance from The Cubby. 

Returning User

Complete The Cubby Returning User Form for any additional requests throughout the semester.

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Help those in need!
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How to Access The Cubby

Students must be enrolled in at least 1 AWC credit to apply for assistance from The Cubby. The Cubby is also available to AWC employees. The fillable online forms (Initial Semester Request Form or Returning User Form) will help our staff understand our population better and make sure that we are providing assistance to all. 

Food can only be picked up by the person who completed the application.  Students will have the option to pick from the food, clothing, or toiletry inventory.  Additionally, students will have the option to pick up a “hot meal” food card when available.  This option will be in the form of a card that can be used once for the week in The Eatery.

**Items received from The Cubby have been donated or purchased from several on-campus and off-campus partners. None of the parties or groups involved in the program make any guarantees as to the quality of the food or its value for any particular purposes. Some of the food distributed at The Cubby surpassed its “best by” consumption date. The USDA states that the “best if used by or before” date is recommended for best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.

Arizona Western College and the original donor does not assume any liability or harm (including injury or death) or losses in connection with the food or supplies received. I assume any risks and covenant not to sue the released parties with respect to such harm or losses.

The Cubby operates on limited funds and by the support of others and is a volunteer program run by donations. We cannot guarantee that we will have food available, but we can suggest additional locations/resources.

Helping Students Dress for Success

The Cubby provides students with FREE professional clothing. The program was designed for students to access clothing items that encourage confidence when pursuing professional opportunities, like job interviews, networking events, and conferences. Students will find items such as slacks, blouses, jackets, belts, shoes, and more at any of the program's district-wide locations. 

This project was designed to enhance the AWC student experience by reinforcing a connected community in which students feel they belong and empower students with self-confidence by eliminating financial barriers to opportunities.


Looking for extra support with essentials like food or housing? Discover crucial local resources such as the Arizona Food Bank Network or Emergency Housing available at our campus. These services offer indispensable assistance to individuals facing hardship.

Visit the Emergency Housing Application to view housing qualification details or view flyer to learn more.

If you are experiencing a crisis or there is an immediate threat of harm, violence, or substantial disruption, please call campus police (928) 314-9500 or 911.

In College? Can't afford Food?

New help for college students.  

Ways to Give

There are various ways that you can donate or contribute to The Cubby today:

Physical Donations

Bring all canned/boxed food, clothes, and toiletries to The Cubby, Student Health and Wellness office in the 3C building or to the AWC Foundation also located in the 3C Building (all donations are tax-deductible).

When donating canned/boxed food items, please make sure that when physically donating all products are unopened and display expiration dates so that the receipt of your generous donations can be expedited.

Employee Deductions

Employees of AWC are also able to donate through deductions withdrawn directly from their pay a single time or as frequently as requested.

Please visit the AWC Foundation office in the 3C building to fill out the deductions form.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations fuel the purchasing and staffing of the AWC foodbank and are open to everyone!

Cash donations are payable to the AWC Foundation Office located in the 3C building. Checks can be made payable to the AWC Foundation.

To give monetary donations through our online donation acceptance system, you can use PayPal.

Community Clothing Drop Off Locations 

National Bank of Arizona 
538 E 16TH Street
Yuma, AZ 85365 

Yuma Sun 
2055 S. Arizona Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85365

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area 
180 West 1st Street, STE E 
Yuma, AZ 85364 

Avenir Financial
(928) 344-7517
1780 S 1st Ave
Yuma, AZ 85364 

Edward Jones
2661 S 4th Ave
Yuma, AZ 85364

Belle’s Boutique 
225 S Main St
Yuma, AZ 85364