Student Leadership

Learning happens outside of the classroom too! We provide many opportunities for students to develop valuable leadership skills. Participation in clubs and organizations, or involvement in any of the following leadership programs, will help make you a well-rounded, marketable student.

Student Government Association

The AWC Student Government Association (SGA) is an organized body of students that represents AWC students by advocating student concerns, promoting a community atmosphere, and improving student life by providing a variety of activities. SGA serves as the voice of the student body and helps make decisions for the benefit of the current and future students of AWC. We invite all students to participate in SGA and help make a difference on your campus!

2019-2020 Candidate Campaigns

Learn more about the  2019-2020 candidates be for prior to voting!


Fatima Covarrbias 

What I love the most about being a leader is to empower others and to bring people together. Therefore, if you vote for me as your Student Government Association President, I will make my biggest effort to ensure your voice gets heard and make sure that we are collecting your ideas to provide you with enough events and activities to make your time at AWC fun and engaging.

Mathew Vargas

I believe that I would be a good fit as the Student Government executive due to my prior experience in leadership positions, and the insight I have received as a SGA Representative.  I have great people and communication skills when it comes to working with other students, faculty and working outside of Arizona Western College. 

VP of Records

Margoth Soto-Chavira
I want to be involved in the community, and I think that Student Government is the best option to do it.  I have skills and abilities that would be helpful and relate to SGA.  I can work in a team and alone when necessary.  I am patient, respectful and open to other people’s opinions. 

Gabe Leando
Student Government allows us to listen to the students’ comments about this school. I want to be a part of SGA so that I can communicate with and listen to AWC students to see what they have to say about their concerns and questions about the campuses, especially since I’ve been in their shoes. I also want to make it my duty to recruit upcoming students who are planning on transferring to the Yuma Campus. People should vote for me because with this position, I will make it my duty to share, listen, and communicate with the students and to make them see that we are listening. 

V.P of Development

Benjamin Espinoza

Olivia Garcia

I have extensive experience in leadership roles and my determination for the position I am applying. People should vote for me because I will perform my responsibilities and requirements to the best of my abilities. Participating in this will be a thrilling experience and allow me to make my college career memorable and fun while establishing new and lifelong connections. Thank you for your time and consideration in the position of Vice President of Development. 

V.P. of Programming

Breanna Kempton

I am interested in becoming SGA’s V.P. of Programming because as being the former Miss Yuma County’s Outstanding Teen and being involved in the Dance Club at Gila Ridge High School I have had the experience of coordinating events such as; Mr. Yuma, Dance concerts, Dance banquets, and I have recently had the privilege to be a part of a local Relay for Life team.

Melissa Navarette

Being a part of the Student Government Association would be a great opportunity for me to meet new people and become more aware of what goes on in our college.   Also, I enjoy helping others when they are in need. 

V.P. of Public Relations

Maria Sanchez

Some of the abilities that I have learned from my first year is how to be independent, take action, and to be more involved around the school. I feel like I would be great for this position because I am very creative when it comes to designing and capturing the good moments that can last forever. People should vote for me because I want to make those students who are from other Arizona Western College centers feel like they are getting all of the information of events here on campus even if they can’t attend. I want to be able to give the students a voice by showing what SGA offers here on campus and off campus. I wish this opportunity was granted to me so I can grow as a person and as a leader. 

Wasi Musonde Asombang-Price

In my senior year of high school, I obtained the position of being a deputy head-boy.  This position enabled me to achieve the opportunity of monitoring a high school dormitory.  I was in charge of 50 students for the whole year and during that time I received the reward of most hard working student of the year.  I am strong enough to take on this position and I feel it fits me.  

V.P. of Finance

Jennifer Rivera

To start, I would like to hold the position of V.P. of Finance to keep up financially and organize fundraisers so that SGA can have a good amount of money to achieve some goals that the program has in mind. During Spring semester 2019, I became V.P. of Finance from March and already have experience in this position. I believe I am a good candidate for this position since I consider myself very organized and like to be involved in fundraisers, so it would be a good opportunity for me to organize them.

V.P. of Student Health and Safety

Esteban Canales

I want to be a part of Student Government to be able to have a larger effect on the schools ongoing.  Additionally, it gives me a platform to better present any ideas that are presented to me from the student body to the rest of the board as well as any other people who much be brought in as well.  

Juan Alcocar

The skills and abilities I have that relate with the student government would be that I am a good listener and I have patience, I am respectful and responsible.  I can interact easily with people so if anyone has a problem it can be easier to talk to a peer than a teacher.  I believe that I can grow and learn new skills with SGA which will help me in the future. 

Katherine Crosby

My name is Katherine Crosby and I’m interested in the position of V.P of Student Health and Safety. I am outgoing, friendly and kind. I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force. Some strengths I have that would help me in the position are dedication, teamwork, bravery, and creativity, it would be helpful when it comes to interacting with members of the community, students and faculty members. I believe the purpose of the Student Government Association is to be a means of communication from the student body to the college administration. Also, to enrich and enhance the life of the student through activities on campus or in the community.

Jeremica Sands

I am running for V.P. of Student Health and Safety because I want to help spread information concerning safety. I will be active in planning and attending events that concern the well-being of students and non-students attending this campus. I can stay organized in planning events and can work well under pressure. Student Government gives the students an opportunity to speak up about questions and concerns. I want to help students when they have concerns or when they want an event to be planned. I want to make it my duty to help spread information about safety with Step-Up and Safe-Zone training. I want to bring awareness to these events so people can be involved and learn what the trainings are offered. People should vote for me because I will make it my duty to communicate with staff in planning events and share information that will benefit anyone who attends.

Meetings are held every Monday at 3:30-4:30pm in the Frances Morris Board Room. We invite you to get involved in creating events and helping to improve quality of life at AWC. If you have a topic you would like to discuss at a meeting, contact Shara Skinner to request to be placed on the agenda.

SGA Elections 

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Presidential Leadership Society

The Presidential Leadership Society (PLS) is comprised of all AWC Club Presidents and Leaders. These students are dedicated to helping AWC achieve our mission of providing transforming educational experiences for students. PLS members are the growing leaders of AWC and demonstrate tremendous commitment to providing ongoing support to AWC students and the community.

Meetings are held every other week at 3:30-4:30 in Room 2105 (3C top floor).

Contact Info

Phone: (928) 344-7581
Location: 3C - Top Floor
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:00pm