Dr. Kathryn A. Watson
Child Development Learning Lab

The Dr. Kathryn A. Watson Child Development Learning Lab, in coordination with the parents of enrolled children, offers children the opportunity to develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally within a preparation conducive to active learning. AWC CDLL has an open door policy. Parents are welcome to observe or participate at any time. The overall program goal is to encourage each child to be a responsible self-directed individual with a positive self-concept.

The AWC Child Development Learning Laboratory has several purposes. The laboratory setting is where AWC Early Childhood Education students observe and learn to work with young children as part of their college program. Each AWC student will become a knowledgeable and experienced child care professional with an understanding of child development and observation, appropriate practices, and the planning and preparation necessary to create a quality environment for young children.

The lab also provides a safe, healthy environment where young children learn through play with developmentally appropriate activities, alone and with other children their age, and are supervised by qualified educare personnel. Each child will become a responsible self-directed individual with a positive self-concept. Experiences in the CDLL will allow each child to make a successful transition from home to school, develop social skills, interest and joy in learning, feelings of success and security, responsibility and self-control, creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking skills.

The lab also benefits the AWC/NAU faculty, staff, and students. The lab is a high-quality place to leave their children while attending classes or working on campus.

Enrolling your Child in Our Center

In order to enroll your child in the CDLL you must be a Faculty, Staff, or student at AWC, NAU Yuma, U of A Yuma, ASU Yuma or be employed by the Yuma Elementary District 1 or the Yuma Union High School District. If you are considering enrolling your child we recommend that you place your child on our waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list you may call, e-mail, or stop by and provide your child's basic information to Grace Garcia at graciela.garcia@azwestern.edu or alma.barrandey@azwestern.edu or call (928) 317-6107. You will be asked to provide your child's Name, Parents' Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and any additional comments. When spaces become available they are filled from the waiting list.

Programs and Opportunities

The CCAMPIS grant offers vital childcare support, covering costs or providing subsidies for eligible families.

If you're pursuing a degree in healthcare, K-12, or Early Childhood Education, financial assistance awaits with the (HECCP) Higher Education Childcare Project.

Open the accordions below to uncover how these programs can lighten your academic path.

The Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) grant is a federal program of the U.S. Department of Education that assists parents with the cost of keeping their children enrolled in a quality child care center. Families who meet the requirements of the CCAMPIS grant will receive total cost or a subsidy for childcare tuition fees.

Eligibility Requirements: Enrolled at AWC, Full-time or Part-time Student, Pell grant recipient, show proof of income, and maintain a 2.0 grade average or better.

The application can be sent via email to alma.barrandey@azwestern.edu

CCAMPIS Flyer | CCAMPIS Application

The Purpose of the project is to provide financial assistance for quality childcare for eligible student-parents pursuing an approved degree or certificate pathway in a healthcare-related field, K-12 Education or Early Childhood Education.

Preference will be given to students enrolled in in a degree or certificate program in Nursing, K-12 Education, Early Childhood Education or a related field

Please email completed applications to:
alma.barrandey@azwestern.edu or graciela.garcia@azwestern.edu

(HECCP) Higher Education Childcare Project Application

Tuition Rates and Fees

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Tuition Rates and Fees CDLL 2023-2024

Enrollment Fee: $100.00 /annually

Program Tuition Rates 5 Day Preschool
Full day not to exceed 10 hours a day $170.00 week
(Fall: $3,230 - Spring: $3,060 - Summer: $1,020)
Each additional child
Oldest child receives the discount
$155.00 week
(Fall: $2,945 - Spring: $2,790 - Summer: $930)
  5 Day Toddler
Full day not to exceed 10 hours a day $180.00 week
(Fall: $3,420 - Spring: $3,240 - Summer: $1,080)
Each additional child
Oldest child receives the discount
$165.00 week
(Fall: $3,135 - Spring: $2,970 - Summer: $990)
  5 Day Infant
Full day not to exceed 10 hours a day $185.00 week
(Fall: $3,515 - Spring: $3,330 - Summer: $1,110)
Each additional child
Oldest child receives the discount
$170.00 week
(Fall: $3,230 - Spring: $3,060 - Summer: $1,020)
Visitor PER HOUR $10.00

CDLL Days of Operation for Academic Calendar Year 2023-2024
Fall Session:
August 14th – December 21st, 2023
Spring Session: January 8th – May 17th, 2024
Summer Session: May 20th – June 27th, 202

To maintain your child’s spot for the Fall you must maintain their enrollment through the summer session. You may choose to enroll for the entire 6 weeks of summer or enroll for only 4 weeks in the summer session. This must be done with prior notice to the CDLL.

Late Pick Up Charge: 1-15 min, $10.00   Each additional 15 minutes $10.00

All fees are paid at the AWC Business Office (located on the upper floor of the AWC 3C Building). Refunds following withdrawal from the program with notice are handled through the Business Office.

CDLL Photo of Students

AWC Students

  • Internship and Student Teaching Opportunities
  • Observations
  • Classroom Assignments
  • Teaching Positions
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Full Time Child Care, ages 6 weeks to 5 years (preschool).
Photo of Child Development Learning Lab

AWC Faculty/Staff

  • Tours of the CDLL for Courses, Organizations, Clubs, and Special Events.
  • We are a Training site for students to complete observation assignments as required by their Professor.
  • Full Day Child Care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years (preschool)

CDLL Staff

Alma Barrandey,
Director of Child Development Learning Lab
ECE Adjunct Faculty, CDA Advisor and Instructor
(928) 344-7564

Grace Garcia,
Administrative Secretary
Front Desk
(928) 317-6107


Elizabeth Renaud,
Professor of Early Childhood Education
(928) 344-7560

Patricia Powers
Professor of Education
(928) 317-6051

Michelle Keeling,
Professor of Education