The mission of the TRIO KEYS Program is to strengthen and transform each student’s Academic, Cultural, and Social Skills needed to complete post-secondary education.

A Message to Our Students

Often it takes only a little extra help to make your college experience more successful. The KEYS staff can help you identify new ways to get the most out of your classes or improve your current study habits. We can also assist students in identifying opportunities and resources available at AWC, in the community, and at other colleges and universities that will aid you in meeting educational and career goals.

More about TRIO KEYS Programs

The TRIO KEYS Program at Arizona Western College is a federally grant-funded program that serves approximately 240 students each school year. The KEYS Program assist students in earning their associate degrees by providing a range of financial, academic, and personal supports including comprehensive and personalized advisement, , financial aid and scholarship assistance, financial literacy, cultural enrichment, grant aid awards, and transfer services – All in one convenient location!

We work toward our mission with support services provided by our committed staff who are personable and empathetic to student needs and who believe in the power of education. Program participants are provided with necessary guidance, encouragement, tools and resources to take ownership of their educational goals through services that are culturally sensitive, individualized, and rewarding.

Services Offered

Students enrolled in the TRIO Scholars Program are eligible for the following services:

Academic & Career Advising

Program participants receive individualized academic assistance from KEYS Academic Success Advisors in various areas of need. These areas include: Educational planning and guidance, transfer assistance, and career exploration.

Transfer Services

Individualized activities designed to assist KEYS program participants in applying for admissions to and obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in a four-year program of post-secondary education.

Academic Support

The KEYS Program provides an array of academic support services to meet the specific needs of its participants. These services include: One on one (1:1) tutoring, group study sessions, peer mentoring and coaching.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance

The KEYS Program provides information to its participants on the full range of federal student financial aid programs and benefits (i.e. Pell Grant, Student Loans...etc.). Participants are also assisted in completing the FAFSA online and locating resources for private and public scholarships.

Financial Literacy

KEYS Program provides financial literacy education to increase the participants' knowledge and awareness of financial and economic factors that can impact their educational and personal lives.

Cultural Enrichment

The KEYS Program provides participants the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural events and academic programs meant to expand their cultural perspective.

Leadership & Student Engagement

The KEYS Program's SOTE & KSAC participant clubs encourage the development of leadership through social integration, service learning and campus engagement.

Grant Aid Awards

The KEYS Program offers a limited number of monetary awards to eligible participants each year. These awards are distributed based on eligibility criteria and program participation.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled at AWC.
  • Be a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. or other eligible resident.
  • Need academic assistance according to SSS - KEYS Program guidelines.
  • Meet at least one of the following eligibility guidelines:
    • Have a low-income background (according to federal guidelines)
    • Be a first-generation college student (parents/guardians did not earn a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.)
    • Have a physical challenge or learning disability (additional services available for persons with a disability)

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to the TRIO KEYS Program. One of the biggest benefits of being a part of the KEYS Program is having an academic success team who tailors support services based on your needs to assist you in achieving your academic goals. Applications are accepted year-round, but our program is limited and only serves 240 students per school year. Once the program reaches its numbers, applicants will be placed on a waiting list not to exceed one academic year.

STEP 1: Apply Here - please fill out our application to the best of your knowledge..

STEP 2: Once the application is received, you will be sent an interview appointment to meet with a KEYS Academic Success Advisor and a request for any documentation that need to be provided.

STEP 3: Attend meeting with advisor

STEP 4: You will receive an acceptance letter within two weeks of first meeting with advisor.

Remember in order for your application to be considered for the program, all documentation must be submitted and application must be fully completed and signed.


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