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Welcome to campus! Welcome to your home away from home…our Residential Life Staff will be here for you to answer any concerns you might have…please remember to reference the Residential Life Handbook with questions but there will always be somebody in your hall to talk to in person.

Meet Our 2019-2020 Residential Life Staff

Tony Mitchell, Hall Director
This is Coach Mitchell's 12th year as a Hall Director. He also coached football for eleven years at Arizona Western College. Coach Mitchell is originally from Chicago, IL and enjoys the sunny warm weather of Yuma! Tony is currently working towards a Master's Degree in U.S. History from the American Public University and after completion plans to teach at the community college level. 

Jessica Ramirez, Resident Assistant
Jessica Ramirez was born in Cali, Colombia but raised in Manizales, Colombia. She graduated from high school as the valedictorian of her class, and she decided to come to the United States to pursue her medical career. Currently, she is attending Arizona Western College, where she is majoring in Biology and a degree in Honors. After graduation, she is planning to complete a bachelors in Biology with a minor in Microbiology to be able to apply for medical school at the University of Arizona. Jessica's biggest goal is becoming a neurosurgeon and perform different types of medical research. She hopes to be part of Doctors Without Borders and help around the world. Her favorite activities are dancing, reading, traveling, and helping people.  

Juan Alcocer, Resident Assistant
Juan Alcocer was born in Sacramento, California but had the opportunity to move a lot, finally settling in San Luis, Mexico. He graduated from PPEP Tech High School, San Luis Arizona in 2018. He became part of the college Assistance Migrant Program where he had the opportunity to reside at the dorms. Alcocer is looking forward to obtaining his Associates in Psychology spring 2020, to become a psychiatrist. He plans to transfer to NAU Yuma for his bachelors, but he wishes to get a Ph.D. and work locally eventually. He is currently working as a Resident Assistant for DeAnza residence hall and holds the position as Vice President of Student Health and Safety with the Student Government Association. He enjoys listening to music, working out, and chilling in his free time. 

Mary Lucero, Resident Assistant
Mary Lucero was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. She graduated from Cibola High School. She is a first-generation college student and is currently attending Arizona Western College to pursue her Associate's Degree of Science in Nursing. In her first year in college, she was part of the College Assistant Migrant Program and is now in her second year in the same program. She first worked as a Front Desk Attendant in her first year and is now a Resident Assistant. Mary likes food, music, and painting when she has the time. She hopes to receive a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing at some point in life.  

Tony Mitchell, Hall Director
This is Coach Mitchell's 12th year as a Hall Director. He also coached football for eleven years at Arizona Western College. Coach Mitchell is originally from Chicago, IL and enjoys the sunny warm weather of Yuma! Tony is currently working towards a Master's Degree in U.S. History from the American Public University and after completion plans to teach at the community college level.

Daniel Ramirez Amezola, Resident AssistantDaniel Ramirez Amezola was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona all his life. He graduated from Yuma High School, Home of the Criminals in May 2016. He moved on to attend Arizona Western College and worked at Harkins Theater. After graduating from Arizona Western College with his Associates in Administration of Justice, he transferred to Arizona State University to continue his education. Daniel also started working as a Resident Assistant in Fall 2018. He likes eating from fast food places and binge-watch all his favorite shows when he gets the chance. He hopes to graduate from ASU with his Bachelors in Criminology and Criminal Justice by Spring 2020.

Marin Mosqueda, Resident Assistant
Marin Mosqueda born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico, but started living in the United States in 2012. Marin attended San Luis High School, during his freshmen year he took classes to learn English. At the end of his freshmen year, he moved to Kofa High School and graduated in 2016.  During his time as an AWC student, Marin was part of the College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP) as well as the Keys and the Informatics Program. In May 2019 he graduated from AWC with an A.A.S in Informatics and transferred to the University of Arizona seeking a Bachelors in Informatics with an emphasis on system administration.

Evangelina Meza Rodriguez, Resident Assistant
Evangelina Meza Rodriguez, born in Phoenix, Arizona raised in Willcox, Arizona, and San Luis RC Mexico. Lived in Willcox for half of her life, moved to San Luis Arizona two years ago. Graduated from San Luis High School. Before enrolling into Arizona Western College, Evangelina enrolled for UABC in Mexico to major in as a General Dentist. She then decided it was a better option to get a degree in Administration of Justice. She then proceeded to apply for the College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP). She is currently a sophomore, and second-year CAMP student and a Resident Assistant. She is working on her Associate’s in Administration of Justice. Plans to transfer to Arizona State University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. Evangelina is proud to serve as an RA for Garces hall and help the residents with any problems, issues or concerns they might have.

Zeke Mitchem, Kino Hall Director/Assistant Baseball Coach
Zeke Mitchem was born and raised in Nevada, Missouri and has spent his entire life playing or coaching baseball around the world.  Zeke has completed several degrees, Associates and Bachelors while playing collegiate baseball at Brown Mackie College and Tri-State university respectfully.  After a few years as a high school teacher and coach in his home state of Missouri, he went back to complete his Master’s Degree at Henderson State University in Arkansas and began his college coaching career.  The next step was coaching baseball at the Division 1 level at Drexel University and Marshall University for the next four years before selecting a route into international professional baseball.  The experience managing professional teams took him to Europe, Australia, and Asia; also serving as the lead trainer for the German Baseball Federation.  Zeke returned to the states as lead assistant at Georgia College for nine seasons before joining the AWC baseball program in 2016.  The first three seasons at AWC have been fruitful by winning back to back regional championships for the first time in twenty-five years; as well has having six players drafted into professional baseball. 

Maria Sanchez, Resident Assistant
Maria Sanchez was born in Bellflower, California but was raised in Somerton, Arizona. She graduated from high school in early 2018 and applied to the College Assistance Migrant Program to get her Associates in Psychology. She dedicated her first semester to studying and getting involved in different clubs. As the second semester came around, she decided to apply for the Resident Assistant position and was granted the opportunity to be a Resident Assistant of the Fall 2019 semester. She likes to meet different people from all over the world, hear music and make new friends. She hopes to get a Master’s Degree in Psychology to become a counselor and help the community.

Fatima Covarrubias, Resident Assistant
Fatima Covarrubias was born and raised in San Luis, Mexico until the age of 12 when she began her studies in the United States. She graduated from PPEP Tech High School CCLC, San Luis Arizona, in 2018. She discovered her passion for sustainability and a desire to leave an impact in her community.  In fall of 2018, she joined the College Assistance Migrant Program at AWC and obtained a position as Vice President of Sustainability. She is currently working as a Resident Assistant for Kino resident hall, holds a position as President of Student Government Association, is part of CAMP 2nd year and the Honors Program. She is looking forward to graduate with an Associate’s in engineering and transferring to U of A main campus to obtain her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering with which she desires to research and treat issues concerning soil conservation. 

Erick Talamantes, Resident AssistantErick Talamantes was born in Yuma, Arizona but raised in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. He came to the United States when he was 17 years old to pursue his educational career. He studied in PPEP TEC High School and then entered into the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at Arizona Western College (AWC). Erick graduated from AWC with an Associate’s in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Science this past Spring 2019. He is starting Fall 2019 as a second-year returning Resident Assistant and a full-time student at the University of Arizona- Yuma pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering. After completing his education, Erick has plans to move to San Diego, California, a place where he will spend his next years working as an engineer and enjoy the beach during the weekends in peace.

As a member of the Matador family, there’s a lot to do on campus! Make plans to attend the many theaters and fine arts, athletic, as well as the numerous educational symposiums and forums you can keep up to date by checking the online calendar and of course the Residential Halls have activities too.

Arizona Western continues to support our former Residential Life family as they grow and head out into the world to represent AWC and our family…see what some of our previous RA’s are doing now…

After playing volleyball for AWC for two years and earning my AA in General Studies, I became a RA, finished my A.S. in Business, then moved on to classes at NAU-Yuma. I was a RA in Garces from 2004-2005. The job was very different from what it is today, but one of my favorite memories as a RA was watching the sunset with a couple of residents every evening in the spring as I was working the front desk. They would come downstairs and we would sit on the benches and watch as the day ended over the farm fields. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true! The view from Garces is AMAZING! After completing one year as a RA, I moved to Flagstaff to earn my BSBA in Management and returned to Yuma in 2007. I then returned to AWC as an assistant Volleyball coach, which opened the door to become a Hall Director in 2008. I was a Hall Director for three years and had the opportunity to meet and work with many students from all over the world. In the fall of 2011, I became the Coordinator of Residential Life where I have truly learned many aspects of higher education. I work with different departments to plan, organize and provide a safe living and learning environment for our residents each semester. One of my favorite parts of my job is being a Co-advisor for RHA and spending time with the leaders on campus. I also truly enjoy commencement time and being able to celebrate our resident’s accomplishments. In the spring of 2015 I had the opportunity to walk along our residents as I graduated with my Masters in Education!

I was an RA at AWC back in 2010 and graduated in 2011. In my time as RA, my favorite memory was the May Day/Water Day celebration. It required so much work and energy, as with anything Res Life related, but it was so rewarding to see the students all commencing the year together. It was a great way to include all of the students in our year-end celebration, and something I’m still so proud to be a part of. Most of the residents I’m still in contact with remember that day like it was yesterday. After leaving AWC in 2011, I continued with my Bachelors in Psychology at Azusa Pacific University (APU), where I was also an RA for a year. After completing my BA, I did a certificate in Gender/Women’s Studies from USC, and completed my Masters in Organizational Leadership from APU May 2015. I currently live in Claremont, CA and work for Claremont Graduate University (CGU). Shortly after I graduated with my BA, I was Manager of Short Term Programs for International Admissions at APU, and recently transitioned into the Assistant Director of Admissions role at CGU.

I recently graduated from Paul Smiths College in New York. I was an RA up here too and had 4 other jobs. l was the senior class president for 2014-2015, supervisor for phonathorn, note taker for financial decision making, alumni office assistant ever since October 2013. My favorite memory is the day to day life dealing with residents and finding out where they were from and about them. I loved doing programs. I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in hotel resort tourism management with a minor in business administration.

My favorite memory of being an RA was going to the RA meetings every week.RA meetings were always fun because we had fun activities, and I learned how to be a better RA and leader after every meeting. After graduating from AWC, I moved to Oklahoma and got my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. I am currently working for Halliburton as a graphic designer. I live in Houston, Texas.

Edgar and Alma recently married in December. They were both RAs at AWC, Edgar from 2011-2012 and Alma from 2012-2013. They are both attending Texas A & M - Commerce and are both living in Commerce, Texas. Edgar continued to be an RA and graduated in May 2015, with a bachelor's in Finance. Edgar recently received a position at Bank of America, as a small business sales consultant. Alma worked with Magnuson Hotel since she transferred from AWC and is now focusing on her summer and fall internship with Adult Protective Services. Alma will be graduating in December with a bachelor's in Social Work and will continue pursuing her Master's at A & M. They will both be living in Dallas, Texas to be closer to their jobs. Edgar's favorite memory was going to the river with the RAs, SGA, and international students. He enjoyed playing volleyball and football with everyone else in the water. One of Alma's best memories of being an RA was when she and other RAs used to play basketball and volleyball with the residents. She enjoyed organizing and being involved in the programs that all RAs had.

I graduated from AWC in 2013 and I transferred to ASU that following Fall semester. Although I was only an RA for one semester, I can honestly say I had the best time during that semester. I made incredible friends whom I am still really close with. Some of my favorite events/memories as RA was Water Day and Margarita/Karaoke Night. I really enjoyed seeing all of the residents involved! But honestly, my favorite of them all is tie-dying shirts with the residents! I really hope this is still going on! So, a little about myself, I currently live in Tempe, AZ and I just graduated from ASU with a BS in Animal Physiology and Behavior. Class of 2015! Woo. I am currently working on applying to veterinary school either in Washington or Davis, CA, so wish me luck. But in the meantime, I am hoping to get a job either at a vet clinic or at the zoo! Imagine how much fun that'd be? Anyways, that's just some brief info of "where I am now" but if you guys would like to know more or need some "after AWC" advice I'd be more than happy to help. Go Devils!

I was a Resident Assistant from 2013-2015, without doubt, those were the best years of my college life! I made many fun memories while being an RA like developing activities for the residents to encourage them to be part of the community. I enjoy doing arts and crafts; therefore decorating the halls with the other RAs was something I looked forward to. I enjoyed talking to the residents because I learned about their cultures, and I made a lot of friends because of that. Consequently, I got the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills. The Hall Directors were very supportive and excellent role models. Now I am at The University of Arizona and will graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Development. The skills I learned from being an RA will definitely help in the career path of becoming a counselor in the future. ResLife4Life!

I was a Resident Assistant from fall 2014 to spring 2015. The best part about being a Resident Assistant was the people I got the opportunity to meet and work with. There are a lot of memories I cherished in my years as an RA like the trip to Flagstaff, the RA meetings, Water Day, and participating in the haunted house I and other coworkers pulled together for the residents where I had the chance to scare some of them. I can go on and on about my experience as a Resident Assistant, but I am going to end up writing an entire novel if I do. My year working for Residential Life at AWC will always be one of my best years. Once a matador, always a matador! Furthermore, I graduated AWC in spring 2015 with an Associate’s Degree in Business and transferred to New Mexico State University that following fall semester. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a minor in Marketing and Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. I also have been working as a Community Assistant since I transferred to NMSU.

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