Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Office of Student Conduct will be working remotely. Please e-mail all documents, and questions to Conduct@azwestern.edu or HealthandWellness@azwestern.edu

Incident Reporting

Arizona Western College is charged with upholding the Student Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook. These texts identify behavioral expectations for all students and staff associated with Arizona Western College. If you have knowledge of a student violating the Student Conduct Code, or a Staff Violating a Title IX policy you are encouraged to notify our office of the incident.

Students, Faculty, and Staff can visit Arizona Western College's Title IX page for additional information about reporting Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Violence.

Student Care Report

To report a student care concern, please use this form: Student Care Report

Student care behaviors are defined as but not limited to any student behavior that may include signs of depression (ex: isolation, agitation, crying, irritability, or restlessness), suicidal ideation, sudden changes in mood, or concerns a student may become violent.

This form is monitored during regular business hours (Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm/ Friday's 9:00 am - 3:00 pm) and may not be immediately reviewed.

If a student or individual is in danger to self or others please contact AWC Campus Police at (928) 344-5555 IMMEDIATELY.

Arizona Western College Health and Wellness coordinate the necessary outreach, support, and referrals for students of concern. AWC Health and Wellness reviews reports wherein conduct or events are cause for concern - whether behavioral or academic - including but not limited to changed mood/ appearance, death of a loved one, personal wellness, academic difficulty, considering leaving the College, excessive from courses, and other academic concerns.

For additional information contact: 

Office of Diversity, Inclusion & AccessABILITY
3C – 2nd floor 
P: 928-344-7602

Student Conduct

To report Student Conduct, use this form: Student Conduct

You may report any non-academic incident(s) that happen on or off-campus. This report will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate conduct officer and can be utilized to report positive incidents and misconduct. Please know that you, and the witness(es) in the report, maybe contacted to provide further details, and you and the witness(es) may be needed during conduct hearings at later dates.

Anonymous reports are not accepted due to the inability of validating the information. The Conduct Officer will investigate the incident(s) to determine if a violation has occurred and to determine appropriate outcomes. You may still call Campus Police at (928) 344-5555 and file a report if you prefer it to be anonymous.

Additionally, please note that a student's college conduct records are protected by federal privacy law, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), therefore any information regarding the outcome of this report will not be shared with you without the consent of the student(s) involved.

For additional information contact: 

Office of Student Conduct 
3C – 2nd floor 
P: 928-344-7576

Academic Dishonesty

To report Academic Dishonesty, use this form: Academic Dishonesty

This form is used to report alleged student violation of Article 5.4 of the Student Code of Conduct. As stated in Article 5.4, Academic Dishonesty: An individual shall not engage in any form of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, copyright violation, or plagiarism. When completing this form, please include your name, title, and contact information. Please note that anonymously submitted forms may limit our effectiveness in dealing with concerning behavior and are discouraged.  

For additional information contact: 

Office of Student Conduct 
3C – 2nd floor 
P: 928-344-7576

Formal Student Grievance

To file a Formal Student Grievance use this form: Formal Student Grievance

The primary objective of a student grievance procedure is to ensure concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair and just manner. It is essential each student be given adequate opportunity to bring complaints and problems to the attention of the College with the assurance each will be heard and due process afforded the student. For more information, please refer to Procedure 551.1 in the Procedure Manual at Policies and Procedures. 

A grievance is a complaint by an AWC student involving an alleged misapplication or violation of any College policy or procedure that adversely impacts the student or any other dispute within the College that directly impacts the student in adverse manners. A Grievance may include, but is not limited to, complaints alleging (a) mistreatment by a College employee, (b) errors in the assessment of fees or other financial obligations, (c) registration errors, (d) loss of financial aid eligibility, and/or (e) student housing issues. A student is an individual who is matriculated or otherwise enrolled to attend class full or part-time at AWC.

Issues and Disputes Not Covered on This Formal Student Grievance Form:

  • Requests to review and challenge contents of student records College procedure #545.1. Student Record Confidentiality.
  • Grievances or concerns involving harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status College procedure #455.2 Grievance for Specified Civil Rights Grievances.
  • Grievances relating to sexual harassment College procedure #460.1 Prohibition Against Sexual Harassment.
  • Appeals of disciplinary College procedure #550.1 Student Code of Conduct.
  • Appeals or petition regarding instructional or academic issues will be processed according to College procedure #551.2 Instructional Grievance Petition.
  • Complaints that, are not subject to possible resolution in a student grievance context. (An example would be a student complaint where the student's requested relief is prohibited by state or federal law). 

Contact Info

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