What is Safe Zone?

Safe Zone is a nation-wide program committed to assisting colleges and universities in creating a safer, more welcoming, and inclusive environment for individuals who identify as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ+) community.

By attending a training to become a Safe Zone Ally, you are indicating to the campus community that you will be a source of support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty on our campus. In addition, by affiliating with Safe Zone, you will be identifying yourself as an individual who is available to the campus community to talk about their concerns, whether they are of acknowledged LGBTQ+ community members, or those questioning their sexuality or gender identity/expression, or concerns of allies.


Health and Wellness Services hosts two free Safe Zone trainings annually for students, staff, and faculty.  We strongly encourage all members of the campus community to attend so that we may better serve the students on campus by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Below are a list of individuals who have completed the Safe Zone training and wish to be an Ally here on campus.

Name Office Location Phone
Holly Banes 3C - 2303 928-317-6042
Melissa Gibson Behunin BA 243 928-344-7556
Billy Rose Veteran Services - 3C 928-344-7604
Sierra Dunn Admissions/Registration - 3C 928-317-6120
Rocio Napoles DeAnza Hall 201  
Leah S. McKeogh TE-114 928-314-9596
Rosalia Delgado ES115 928-344-7703
Jason Bradley Yuma Regional Education Center 928-336-2919
Julia Williamson Academic Library 928-317-5884 
Shara Roberts 3C - 2112 928-344-7581
Sarah Herman TE-114 928-344-7602
Vanessa Natseway SC-202 928-317-6031
Brianda (Effy) Salazar SSC- Writing Center 928-488-6200
Brooke Ayars AC - 228 928-317-6341
Tymmi Woods Library 928-317-6434
Tiffany Pina 3C - 2114 928-344-7699
Dezarae Angulo   928-271-9843
Hermes Soto   928-315-3117
Kassandra Jasso    
Amelia Bowdell LA 111 (928) 314-9444
Roimata Blackburn    
Vanessa Castaneda    
Judith Gallardo    
Alexandra Gutierrez    
Alma Perez    
Laura Sandigo 3C-2291 (928) 344-7629
Lisa Swenson 3C-2293 (928) 317-7609
Tania Lopez    
Talia Baca    
Tracey Mahan 3C-2295 (928) 317-6067
Eddi Devore DS (928) 314-9472
Lizeth lira    
Brooke Ayars AC-228 (928) 317-6341
Caroline Cahill    
Jose Lizarraga Parker Learning Center-105 (928) 314-9564
Sabrina de Leon Parker Learning Center (928) 669-2214
Katheline Ocampo Parker Learning Center (928) 314-9559