Purchasing is responsible for purchasing and contracting for all equipment, materials, supplies and services necessary for the operation of the College. It must accomplish these objectives within the framework of the Uniform System of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Arizona Community College Districts, and District Governing Board Policies.

Current bids can be found at www.AzPurchasing.org.
There is no cost to register or download.


Accounts Payable is responsible for processing payments to AWC vendors. It must accomplish these objectives within the framework of the Uniform System of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Arizona Community College Districts, and District Governing Board Policies.


In order to process your invoices in a timely manner, we request that you follow the process below:


Attn: Accounts Payable
P O Box 929
Yuma, AZ 85366

Or you can email invoices to: accounts.payable@azwestern.edu
Phone: (928) 344-7553 or (928) 344-7513

Valid current Purchase Order numbers are required on all invoices.  Failure to include P.O. number will delay your payment. Do not provide services or goods unless you are given a valid P.O. number. All blanket and service P.O.'s are closed on June 30, at the end of each fiscal year. A new P.O. must be issued for ongoing service.

Get paid faster by using Electronic Payments!

1. Complete the ACH ECheck Form

2. Send to purchasing@azwestern.edu

Arizona Western College standard payment terms are Net 30 days. After processing of ACH/ECheck information and Accounts Payable processing approved PO/BPO, payment will be made electronically. Confirmation of payment will be emailed to the remittance email provided on the ACH/ECheck Form.

Note: Arizona Western College will not pay any service or merchant fees for paying a vendor via a credit card.

The Mailroom handles incoming and outgoing mail for the College, but does not offer any other postal services.

The Arizona Western College Mailroom is located in the Central Receiving Building on the East side of the campus.

  • Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Delivery hours are Monday-Thursday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • The telephone number is (928) 344-7511.
File Name Downloads
Mailroom Use Policy Download
Our Postage Policy Download
Unclaimed Package Handling Download
Central Receiving Freight Policy Download
Central Receiving Inspection Form Download

Yuma Educational Purchasing Association/Arizona Purchasing Cooperative

Arizona Western College is a member of the Yuma Educational Purchasing Association/ Arizona Purchasing Cooperative. YEPA's goal is to share information and resources through cooperative procurement to save tax dollars by improving our performances and efficiencies, and through economies of scale. All vendors interested in doing business with Arizona Western College are invited to register at www.azpurchasing.org.

To Apply for a P-Card:

It is recommended to review the P-Card Manual and P-Card Procedures below prior to taking P-Card Assessment.

  1. If requesting a Purchasing or Club P-Card, email Purchasing your AWC Net ID to be set up in the P-Card class on Canvas to complete the P-Card Assessment.
  2. Complete the P-Card Assessment on Canvas. Must pass with an 8 or better; print the score page. (Not required for Travel P-Cards)
  3. Complete the P-Card Application, which is included in the email from Purchasing when you receive access to Canvas. Print a copy of your P-Card Assessment score and attach it to your P-Card Application.
  4. Submit your P-Card Application and P-Card Assessment score page (if applicable) for approval.

Contact your program administrator

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AWC Standard Terms and Conditions Download
Purchase Card Limit Increase Download
Vendor Brochure: Doing Business with AWC Download
Purchasing Flowchart Download
Complete Purchasing Manual Download
Purchasing Card Procedures Guide Download
AWC Asset Procedures Download
Object Codes: Definitions for Frequently Used Budget Codes Download
Frequently Asked Questions Download
Step-by-Step Guide for Requisitions and Approvers Download
Self Service Introduction Download
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P-Card Training Download
Emergency Purchasing Download
Looking up Cooperative Contracts Download
The Meaning Behind Freight Terms Download
What is the Difference Between RFP & RFQ Download
What Sole Source Means Download
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Vendor Service Proposal Download
Vendor & Non Vendor Services Definitions Download
Hazardous Materials Purchase Download
Sole Source Download
Return Merchandise Download
Conflict of Interest Download
Surplus Process Download
Property Surplus & Disposal Form Download
ACH/E-check Download
Public Record Request Form Download
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