Injury or Incident Report

Employee Injuries

Any employee and/or work study student that is injured, due to and in the course of their employment at Arizona Western College, is required to fill out a form and notify Human Resources of the incident.


Student Injuries

Injuries to students while participating in a class activity, field trip, or other AWC sponsored event shall be reported to Diversity Inclusion and AccessAbility. Diversity Inclusion and AccessAbility will facilitate instructing the student in the process and care options. The Insurance provided to students by AWC has limited coverage and is secondary coverage to any other insurance provided to the student.

Student and Faculty Reporting Forms

For student misconduct, grievances, sexual harassment or other disciplinary concern’s, please visit our student conduct section and fill out the appropriate report.


Injuries to athletes while playing or practicing their sport in authorized activities will be reported to the Athletic Department for processing. All students must have on file the required paperwork to be eligible for coverage. The Athletic training office will determine if the injury is sport related or the result of a physical recreation class, in which case it would be reported as a student injury to Diversity Inclusion and AccessAbility.


Any visitor that has an injury or reports an incident on campus should contact Campus Police. Campus Police will respond and obtain the necessary information.

For any incidents involving visitors, please notify Risk Management by email of the incident as soon as possible or complete the “General Notice of Incident” form.