Welcome to Campus Police Department.

The AWC Campus Police Department is an accredited state police agency, having been recognized as a government entity and receiving all rights and powers by authority of the State of Arizona.  As such the department maintains rights and authority to enforce all campus rules, city ordinances, and state and federal criminal statutes.

Our Mission

The mission of the AWC Police Department is to provide a safe working, learning, and living environment for the faculty, staff, and students at AWC.

We are committed to providing high-quality, community-oriented police service. We believe that by practicing the principles of community-oriented policing, we will best achieve a feeling of security in our campus community.

We believe that the strength of our department lies in our employees; and we encourage and seek diversity in our workforce.

The mission will be achieved through leadership, education, and quality improvements with constant performance monitoring.

Message From Our Chief of Police

On behalf of the members of the Arizona Western College Police Department, I welcome you to our web site. AWC PD Police officers are fully Arizona state certified and have the same authority and responsibility as any other police officers in the state. Our primary jurisdiction is the main campus and outlying college properties, including the Redondo and Parker sites. However, through established agreements, we also take action as needed and provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies in the areas adjacent to our jurisdiction.

It is our hope that as you browse through our web page, you will learn about programs that encourage citizen participation in a community policing environment. Furthermore, the police department cares deeply about the Yuma and La Paz Counties communities it serves. I am proud to say that each of our employees is dedicated to providing for the safety and security of all of our students, parents, faculty, employees, and guests who live, work, and visit our institution.

We look forward to your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you for visiting the AWC Police Department web page.

John R. Edmundson
Chief of Police

Contact Info

Phone: (928) 314-9500
Location: DS
  • Open 24/7 Year Round