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AWC offers high school students the opportunity to start their college careers early by taking college courses while still in high school. Courses are taught on the AWC college campus or online. In addition to helping students complete their degrees in a shorter amount of time, taking concurrent enrollment courses with AWC also helps students and families to reduce the cost of a college degree. 

The Concurrent Enrollment program allows you the opportunity to take courses at AWC with the discounted rate of $25 per credit for students currently in high school. 

Start with your Admission Application today, there is no applicaiton fee or requirements to apply at AWC. Complete the High School Dual Enrolled application for admission. Checkout the registration dates for upcoming the semester.


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Can concurrent credit courses still apply at my high school?  To determine if the courses taken at AWC will count toward high school credit, it is important to check with the high school counselor prior to taking the class.Some districts have a Concurrent Credit Form that you will need to complete before receiving credit at your high school. Please note that not all AWC course can be applied towards your high school credits. 

Courses taken at Arizona Western College in the 100 level or above may count as a general elective and in some cases as a program requirement towards a degree or certificate depending on the program requirements. To determin if a course taken at AWC will count towards the program requirements at AWC please visit our Academic Advisor Vanessa Rockwell by scheduling an appointment.

Contact the Early College Program for More Information:

Biridiana Martinez - Outreach, Recruitment & Early College Director
(928) 317-6084

Vanessa Lopez - Early College Program Coordinator
(928) 317-6238

Anerol Gil - PT Early College Specialist
(928) 317-6369