Getting Started with Dual Enrollment



Apply for Admission

This can be done online at Click "Apply Now"


Student Account

Go to email and find your admission email which contains your Arizona Western College ID #.


Submit Registration Form to your high school and/or Arizona Western College

Complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form and submit it to the Arizona Western College registration office or to the High School's counseling office by the registration deadline. These forms can be found online, in your High School's counseling office, or from a Dual Enrollment representative.

Note: Students who do not submit the registration paperwork to their High School counselor or Dual Enrollment representative by the designated due date are responsible for bringing their paperwork to Arizona Western College.


Pay Tuition

Tuition can be paid in three ways:

Pay with cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) in person at a campus registration event OR at any Arizona Western College cashier's office. Note: Occasionally, an Arizona Western College cashier will be accompanying a Dual Enrollment representative at the High School.

Call the Arizona Western College fiscal office at (928) 317-7666 with your AWC ID number ready and provide a credit/debit card number to charge.

Pay online by logging in to Student Self-Service with your Arizona Western College username and password. This option is only open to students that have set up self-service and allows you to pay all at once or sign up for a monthly payment plan. Online payment may not be available when accessed through a phone or tablet.

* Failure to pay in full or set up a payment plan by the deadline will result in a student being dropped from their classes without notice.

Antelope High School

Cibola High School

Gila Ridge High School

Harvest Preparatory Academy

Kofa High School

Parker High School

San Luis High School

San Pasqual Valley High School (Concurrent Enrollment Only)

STEDY: Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma

Vista High School

Yuma Catholic High School

Yuma High School