As a new student, what do I need to know?

Guided Course Placement is to assist you in choosing the appropriate course(s) at Arizona Western College. This process will include multiple-choice questions to help you choose course(s) in English and Math.


  1. While in the Testing Room the following is not permitted:
    • Cell phones, cameras, recording devices, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, wallets, purses, sunglasses, bracelets, watches, mechanical pencils and keys
    • Food, beverages or chewing gum
    • Calculators, notes, paper of any kind, books, unless authorized by an instructor
    • Talking
    • Internet use
  2. 15 minutes before closing time examinees must stop taking their exam.
  3. All violations will be reported.

What do I need to bring in order to test?

All testers are required to present a valid and current picture identification card before testing.

Students with unacceptable identification will not be able to test.

Below are examples of acceptable and unacceptable forms of identification for testing.

  • Valid Driver's License with Picture
  • Valid Department of Public Safety Identification Card
  • U.S. Military Identification Card
  • AWC Picture Identification Card
  • U.S. Alien Registration Card
  • Valid Passport
  • High School Photo Identification Card
  • Valid U.S. Border Crossing Card
  • State/National/Province Identification Card
  • Original Notarized Letter with photo (no photocopies)
  • Birth Certificates
  • Charge or credit card with a photo
  • Diploma
  • Fishing or hunting license
  • Organization membership card
  • Learner's driving permit, if it does not include a photograph
  • Police report of a stolen wallet or purse
  • Report Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Traffic ticket, even with physical description and signature