Adding or Dropping Classes

Students may add or drop any classes that are open during the designated add/drop period. Classes dropped during the add/drop period will not appear on the student's grade report or transcript and are eligible for a full refund. Classes may be added or dropped online through Student Planning.

If you need to drop a class, you must follow the steps below to ensure a refund.  Please review each class on your schedule as they may have different start and end dates.  

  • 16 week 
  • 12 week 
  • 8 week courses 

    Drop must be completed prior to or during the first five days of the session.

Withdrawing from Classes

Students may withdraw from one or more classes and receive a grade of "W" on their official academic record after the designated add/drop period and through the first three quarters of the course.

Withdrawing from courses may affect Financial Aid awards and/or Veteran Educational Benefits. Students should consult the Financial Aid office or your Veteran Services representative.

To withdraw from classes, you must complete a withdrawal form and either email a signed, scanned copy to the or submit it in person to the Admissions and Registration office.

Fall 2023 Withdrawal deadlines

To receive a “W” grade on Academic Transcript—no refund

Session Withdrawal Deadline
First 8-Week Session (August 21, 2023-October 13, 2023) September 29, 2023
16-Week Session (August 21, 2023-December 15, 2023) November 10, 2023
12-Week Session (September 18, 2023-December 15, 2023) November 17, 2023
Second 8-Week Session (October 16, 2023-December 15, 2023) November 24, 2023

Spring 2024 Withdrawal Deadlines

To receive a “W” grade on Academic Transcript—no refund

Session Withdrawal Deadline
First 8 week session (January 16, 2024-March 8, 2024) 02/23/2024
16 week session (January 16, 2024-May 17, 2024)  04/12/2024
12 week session (February 12, 2024-May 17, 2024) 04/19/2024
Second 8 week session (March 11, 2024-May 17, 2024) 04/26/2024

Please contact the Admissions and Registration Office for questions regarding non-standard course withdrawal dates at 928-344-7550 or by emailing