Instruction Modes

We provide classes in five distinct modalities, allowing students to choose the instructional mode that aligns most effectively with their lifestyle.


Classes are delivered exclusively at the listed location.

Online (Web-based)

Classes are delivered completely online. Students complete coursework within a flexible time frame with due dates for specific assignments and exams. Courses are on Canvas platform only.


Classes are delivered completely virtually. Students attend live, scheduled lectures remotely via Zoom.


Combines on-campus and in-person instruction with an online component where students complete coursework within a flexible time frame. These courses are usually listed as meeting once a week but there is work to be done online for the remainder of the time.


The instructor teaches on one campus and the class is live via Zoom on additional campuses simultaneously.

Zoom In-Person

The instructor is on one location and the students are located on another campus. Students attend live via zoom on their location.

While browsing the Class Schedule, you can select modalities under the “Course Types” section on the left menu of your search for courses and course sections.

Not all modes will be offered at all times.