Understanding the Needs of Student Veterans

Arizona Western College Veteran Services is here to help you better understand and relate to student Veterans, military personnel and their families. Unlike traditional college students, student Veterans are typically older and face challenges similar to non-traditional students, but with the added dimension that comes with being a Veteran. They may have different stresses than their college peers. Some Veterans face challenges such as adjusting to life as a student after leaving active duty, and attending school full-time, while meeting the obligations of providing for a family, and coping with the mental stresses and physical wounds of combat service.

However, they also bring with them unique and rich experiences to contribute to the classroom. Most faculty and staff report that student Veterans are driven individuals, who come prepared to class and complete their assignments on time. They also report that student Veterans are natural leaders, who bring a wealth of knowledge to their classrooms.

The following resources are provided to help faculty and staff members enhance their understanding of student Veterans and military personnel at Arizona Western College. Be sure to familiarize yourselves with our local community resources for Veterans, on our webpage. For any questions or concerns, please call or stop by Veteran Services. Thank you for doing your part, to ensure we continue to provide a Veteran Supportive Campus for our students.

Become a Vet Net Ally

A Vet Net Ally understands the needs and concerns of military service members and student veterans studying at AWC. For information on becoming a Vet Net Ally contact veteran.services@azwestern.edu or 928-344-7622.

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