CA$H in Your Pocket

Eligible students registered for Fall 2022 classes will receive money directly and automatically!

Complete the consent form to have your money applied directly to your student account.

Below are the tiers and amounts for the Cash in Your Pocket award for Fall 2022: 

Tier Enrolled less than ½ Time
(5 or fewer credits)
Enrolled ½ Time
(6-8 credits)
Enrolled ¾ Time
(9-11 credits)
(12 or more credits)
Tier 1
PELL recipients for Fall 2022
$150 $200 $300 $500
Tier 2
Non-PELL recipients
$100 $150 $200 $350

Tier 1 - PELL Recipients: Students that will be receiving PELL for Fall 2022. 
Tier 2 - Non-PELL Recipients: Students not qualified for PELL for Fall 2022 with either SAP, High EFC, No FAFSA application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive stimulus money?

New and continuing students enrolled in fall classes by October 22, 2022 are eligible.

How much money will I get?

The amount of money varies based on enrollment and FAFSA completion.

Do I have to be eligible for Financial Aid (FAFSA) to get the money?

While all students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA, there will not be any FAFSA requirement to be eligible for Fall 2022 funds.

Does my EFC (expected family contribution) affect my award?

No, there is no FAFSA or EFC requirement.

How will I receive the money?

Funds will be distributed directly to you either by direct deposit (via BankMobile) beginning the week of November 10 or mailed by check (allow an additional 4-5 week processing time for checks). Arizona Western College delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Students should log into Self-Service and select the "Access Your Refund" link to set up their refund preference and ensure the college has the correct bank information and mailing address. You may also have your money applied directly to your student account to pay your tuition and fees by completing this consent form.  

When will I receive the money?

Funds will be disbursed starting November 10 unless you complete the consent form to have your funds applied directly to your student account. 

Is there an application process to receive the money?

No! The money is automatically distributed directly to all eligible students. No additional forms or applications are required with the exception of the optional consent form if you choose to have your funds applied directly to your student account. 

Can I get this money in addition to my other financial aid and scholarships?

YES! This money is in addition to any other financial aid or scholarships and will not affect the awarding of any other funding.

What can I use this money for?

Since this money is directly awarded to students, you can use it for anything you need. If you still have a balance on your AWC account, you are welcome to use the money to pay your bill. Otherwise, it is yours to spend as you need.

Can I receive this money if I am still in high school (dual or concurrent enrollment)?

YES! This money is available to ANY enrolled student who meets the eligibility requirements, including high school students enrolled in dual or concurrent credit classes. That means you pay only $25 per credit for your classes AND you receive money on top of that! 

Can I receive this money if I’m not a resident of the district, or Arizona, or the USA?

YES! All students can receive these funds if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Can I apply this money to my account at the college?

YES! The money will not automatically be applied to your student account, but you can complete the consent form to have your funds applied to your account instead of disbursed to you. 

Is this money taxable?

No. These payments are not considered taxable income. 

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