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Our goal in the AWC Financial Aid Office is to attempt to meet the full need of all eligible students by packaging (combining) funds from various sources, including institutional and non-institutional funds.

All students requesting financial aid are required to apply for other federal and state programs in order to maximize their opportunities for assistance by stretching limited AWC Financial Aid dollars.

Financial aid programs are designed to supplement family resources by bridging the gap between costs and the family's measured ability to pay. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office uses the information received from the federal financial aid processors in determining need and eligibility.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Anyone interested in attending college should apply for the FAFSA. This application may also be required in order to receive other monies, such as institutional funds - including athletic aid, fine arts scholarships, honors awards, etc. - as well as work-study, student loans and other grants. There is no charge to apply for federal financial aid. The word 'FAFSA' actually means Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you have come across a website that requires payment for assistance or submission, DO NOT PAY! Go to the FAFSA website.

Arizona Western College is eligible and active in the Federal Pell Grant program; however, the Pell grant may be used at almost any school the student chooses to attend. Financial aid personnel at each institution has information as to whether the college and its programs are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Upon acceptance of any source of financial aid, the student is required to:

  1. Enroll only for those classes that apply to the declared program of study leading to a degree or certificate
  2. Have an assigned Academic Advisor and a specific major program (degree or certificate)
  3. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress each semester
  4. Notify the Financial Aid office of any additional assistance received not shown on the award letter
  5. Notify the Financial Aid Office and Business Services when adding or dropping classes or withdrawing from school
  6. Repay entire or partial award for classes not attended, dropped, reduced, withdrawn or cancelled
  7. Repay any loans as stated within the Promissory Note signed before receipt of a loan
  8. Complete loan Entrance and Exit counseling sessions if participating in the Student Loans Program
  9. Meet other requests and requirements not indicated above as established by the Financial Aid Office

Institutional and private scholarships are subject to additional criteria.

Make sure you follow the rules

  • Funds received under all federal and state aid programs must be used solely for expenses related to attendance or continued attendance at AWC.
  • Students are responsible for repayment of the prorated amount of any portion of payments made which cannot reasonably be attributed to meeting educational expenses related to attendance at AWC.
  • The amount of such repayment is to be determined on the basis of criteria set forth by the Secretary of Education.
  • Students owing payment for any financial aid program coordinated by AWC are not eligible to receive funds until payment is made.
  • Students who are scholarship, grant and/or loan recipients and who drop a course or courses during the official add/drop periods, some or all of the aid awarded will be returned to the appropriate program or lender.
  • Specific responsibilities relating to other programs will be provided to the recipient at the time the aid is granted.

Financial aid and your federal taxes

The Tax Reform Act impacts students who receive grant or scholarship assistance. Any amount of gift aid (grants, scholarships, fellowships, stipends, assistantships) may be taxable for the amount in excess of tuition, fees and course-related expenses. Since financial aid is awarded for an academic year, and portions of two academic years fall in a calendar or tax year, it is important for all aid recipients to keep copies of the Notice of Award and Acceptance Agreement and to maintain careful records of all direct educational expenses throughout the year. Any student who has a specific question or concern should contact his/her tax preparer. Financial aid statements (for tax purposes) are mailed or provided through WebAdvisor by the Business Services Office in late January.

Financial Aid and Attempted Fraud

Students who are applying for financial aid must understand that federal and state laws, as well as institutional policy, require that all information provided be accurate.  If it is not, a student may lose certain rights and benefits, be prosecuted under state and/or federal statutes, and lose financial aid eligibility.  It is extremely important, therefore, that students accurately complete all application materials and be prepared to document all of the financial data provided.  If the information on the application appears to be fraudulent or misleading, the student will first be contacted by the Financial Aid Office staff for documentation and discussion.  If, at any time, it is determined that the possibility of fraud exists, the Director may refer the case to the appropriate college disciplinary officer.

Attempted fraud may include false claims of:

  • independent status
  • claims of citizenship
  • identity
  • income
  • forgery of signatures/certifications
  • similar conduct

These are very serious matters since the case must, in some instances, be referred to the Office of the Inspector General, Region IX, US Dept of Education, for investigation.  Referrals may also be made to Arizona Western College Police, US Attorney's Office, or State Attorney General for proper adjudication.

If applicants determine that any information that they provided earlier to the Financial Aid Office is in error, they should take the initiative to correct it so that no misunderstanding can occur regarding the accuracy of information.

Financial Aid and Anti Drug Abuse Act Certification

As a condition of a federal grant a student may not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance during the period covered by the federal financial aid award.

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