Getting Started with Concurrent Enrollment

Interested in Concurrent Enrollment?

Visit our "First Steps" page and select 17 & Under Students tab. 

The Concurrent Enrollment at Arizona Western College is intended for high school students who want to take courses on the college campus or online. It provides the high school student with an opportunity to take classes at AWC while still in attendance at their high school full time.

The program is open to all high school students, as long as their high school is in agreement. Please speak to your high school counselor before signing up for courses. Some districts have a Concurrent Credit Form that you will need to complete before receiving credit at your high school.

Any 100 or above course taken at Arizona Western College count toward an associates applied science degree. To determine if the courses taken at AWC will count toward high school credit, it is important to check with the high school counselor prior to taking the class.

As a Concurrent Credit student, it would be a good idea to set up an appointment with an AWC Advisor. Visit Advisement Services page and set up a counseling appointment.

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