Earn College Credit in High School

Arizona Western College partners with Yuma and La Paz County high schools to offer Dual Enrollment credit for academic and occupational classes. Dual Enrollment courses are held on high school campuses and are taught by high school instructors who have met the Higher Learning Commission and community college hiring qualifications. The Dual Enrollment Program was established at Arizona Western College to ease the transition from high school to college and to increase the number of college-bound high school students in our communities.

Early College Day event provides high school students the opportunity to prepare for their future Dual or Concurrent Credit course(s). Find Out More.

Dual Enrollment is a cost-effective way for high school students to get a head start on college. It allows high school students to enroll in college courses offered at their high school as well as save money and time. Dual enrollment courses vary by high school and year and can be paired with Concurrent Enrollment to help students achieve their post-secondary certificate and degree goals.

  Bright Start Scholarship

Worried about the cost of college? We know it’s expensive. By starting your degree at AWC as a Dual Credit student, you’ve already lowered the cost of your certificate or degree. Further decrease your student loans by applying for scholarships. If you need assistance with the cost of Dual Credit you may want to apply for the Bright Start Scholarship.

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Benefits to Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment students compared to similar peers:

  •   90% receive a high school diploma (78% Nationally)
  •   30% earn an Associate’s Degree or Credentials along with a high school Diploma
  •   More likely to enroll in college immediately after high school (71%)
  •   Lower likelihood of placement in remedial courses
  •   Higher 1st-year College Grade Point Average
  •   Higher 2nd-year Retention Rates at (86%)
  •   Higher Degree or Certificate Completion Rates
  •   Shorter Average Completion of Bachelor’s Degree


  •   Provided with quality learning opportunities.
  •   Help prepare you for college.
  •   Students will experience college-level courses.
  •   Courses enhance higher level thinking skills.
  •   No Textbook or Fees
  •   Provide incentive to advance beyond the high school level.
  •   Transition to college begins earlier and occurs in a familiar and comfortable environment.
  •   Introductory Tuition rates of $25 per credit hour

Contact Info

Phone: (928) 317-6137
Location: BA 224
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm