Arizona Association of Chicanos for Higher Education

Apply for a New Membership or Renew your Membership. Annual Membership $30.00/Professionals - $5.00/Students (You will be able to pay online via PayPal)

Who can join?
Higher education professionals, businesses, community members, students.


  • Professional and student members receive a discount on the rate to attend the annual AACHE conference and events.
  • Student members receive the mentorship of seasoned higher education professionals and community members.
  • Student members have the opportunity to apply for the AACHE scholarship.
  • Student members may be eligible to attend national conferences.
  • Student members receive the assistance of AACHE members throughout the state of Arizona from members in the different chapters in the state.
  • Student members also receive e-mail updates regarding advocacy, grants, student programs, internships and scholarships.
  • Voting and Voting Privileges.
    The right to vote in the Association shall be determined by membership category as follows:
    • b. Student Members – The right of student members to vote shall be limited to voting in elections for student representatives to the State Board of Directors.
    • a. Professional Members – Professional members shall have the right to vote in elections conducted and business transacted by the organization.


  • Attend meetings
  • Participate in boards
  • Assist in fundraisers
  • Assist in coordination of conferences and events

Contact Us
Martha Martinez, M.A
P.O. 929
Yuma, Arizona 85366
(928) 344-7607

Note: AACHE’s membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Membership will cancel for non-renewal.

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