The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the Faculty Association, to which all full-time and adjunct faculty belong.

Per the revised Faculty Association Constitution, approved by the AWC District Governing Board in June 2014, the Faculty Association seeks to participate in matters of educational policy at AWC.  Such matters include curriculum, instructional methods, evaluation of instruction, teaching facilities, learning materials for instruction, standards for placement and retention of students, criteria for granting of certificates and degrees, and those aspects of student life that relate directly to the instructional process.

Representatives from each Division are selected at the Division start-up meeting each August and serve on the Faculty Senate through the following election.  Senators may serve multiple terms.

Faculty Association officers are elected each February and take office in May.  These elected officers serve as President and Vice-President of the Faculty Senate, and District Governing Board Representative.  The term for elected officers is one year.

Officers meet regularly with the Dean of Instruction and College President to discuss issues of import to faculty, and the DGB representative also serves on the President’s Council.

Faculty Senate Leadership 2016-17

  • Bertha Avila, President
  • Lee Altman, Vice President
  • Renee Macaluso, District Governing Board Representative

Documents and Forms

Senate Documents and Forms File
Faculty Constitution Download
Adjunct Payroll Scheduling Download
Faculty Handbook Download

Agenda and Minutes

Date Minutes
January 2016 Download
Feburary 2016 Download
March 2016 Download
April 2016 Download