Program Reviews: Resources, Timeline, and Program Review Cycles

AWC's Academic Programs and Institutional Departments are reviewed on a 5-year cycle. The following guidelines will assist programs/departments in the process.

Program Review Timeline

Program Review Committees should begin working on a program review in August (Fall) of the designated program review cycle (see below) and end on April 15th (Spring) of the following year. For example, a program review beginning in August 2022 is due on April 15, 2023. Program reviews may be completed and submitted early. The timeline was established to allow academic departments time to finalize those program reviews since most faculty are not available in the summer.

Program Review Cycle

2023-2024 Program Reviews


Business and Social & Behavioral Sciences
Accounting (AAS, CERT)
Business (ABUS, AAS)
Business Administrative Services (CERT)
Computer Science (AS)
Computer Security (CERT)
Retail Management (CERT)

Career and Technical Education
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  (AAS, CERT)
Carpentry/Basic Carpentry, Construction Trades Management (AAS, CERT)
Electrical Technology, Automation, Basic Electrical, Basic Power Generation, Electrical Tech Apprenticeship (AAS, CERT)
Industrial Technology (AAS)
Prison Programs- Foundations of Construction, Masonry, Plumbing (CERT)
Welding- GMAW, SMAW, Entry Level 1 (AAS, CERT)

Math, Engineering, Science, and Wellness & Physical Education
Engineering (AS)
Math (AA)

Institutional Departments

Human Resources
Communications and Marketing
Career and Advisement Services
Student Support Services & Talent Search/Upward Bound