Program Reviews: Resources, Timeline, and Program Review Cycles

AWC's Academic Programs and Institutional Departments are reviewed on a 5-year cycle. The following guidelines will assist programs/departments in the process.

Program Review Timeline

Program Review Committees should begin working on a program review in August (Fall) of the designated program review cycle (see below) and end on April 15th (Spring) of the following year. For example, a program review beginning in August 2019 is due on April 15, 2020. Program reviews may be completed and submitted early. The timeline was established to allow academic departments time to finalize those program reviews since most faculty are not available in the summer.

Program Review Cycles

2019-2020 Program Reviews


Business and CIS:
Computer Information Systems-Programming Emphasis (AAS)
Hotel/Restaurant Management (AA)
Networking (CERT)
Career and Technical:
Agricultural Systems Management (AA)
Agricultural, Occupational (CERT)
AgriCommerece (ABUS)
Applied Agriculture (AAS)
Animal Production (AA)
Crop Production (AS)
Culinary Arts (AAS, CERT)
Culinary Arts w/ focus in Entrepreneurship (CERT)
Culinary Arts- GE Emphasis (AAS)
Dietetics (CERT)
Food Science and Safety (CERT)
Radiologic Technology (AAS)
Nursing (AAS)
Nursing Assistant (CERT)
Biology (AS)
Social Science:
Education Elem., Secondary, Early Childhood Emp. (AA)
Early Childhood Education (AAS, CERT) 
Family Childcare Education, Infant & Toddler, Preschool Education (CERT)
Wellness and Physical Education:
Fitness Training Professional (CERT)

Institutional Departments

East Yuma County Services
ITN- Interactive Television Networking
La Paz County
Student Success Center
Transfer Services
Career and Advising Services
KEYS-TRIO; Upward Bound and Talent Search

2020-2021 Program Reviews


Business and CIS:
Cyber Criminology (AA)
Entrepreneurship (CERT)
Career and Technical:
Public Safety-Level 1 (CERT)
Automotive Technology (AAS, AAS STEM, CERT)
Construction/Industrial Safety (CERT)
Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic (AAS. CERT)
Emergency Medical Technician: Basic (CERT)
Fire Academy (CERT)
Fire Science (AAS)
Law Enforcement Training Academy (CERT)
Massage Therapy (AAS, CERT)
Solar Installations (AAS, CERT, AAS STEM)
Chemistry (AS) 
Social Science:
American Indian (AA.AIS)
Family Studies (AA)
Family Development Credential (CERT)
Psychology/Sociology (AA)
Philosophy (AA)
Political Science (AA)
Wellness and Physical Education:
Sports Management (AA)

Institutional Departments

Campus Life
Testing Services
Distance Education
Veteran Services
Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Grants
Center for Instructional Excellence
Residential Life

2021-2022 Program Reviews


Business and CIS:
Logistics Basic (CERT)
Logistics Advanced (CERT)
Logistics Supply Chain Management (AAS)
Fine Arts:
Art: Graphics (AA)
Art: Studio (AA)
Broadcasting (AAS)
Computer Graphics (AAS)
Media Arts (AA, AAS, CERT)
Music (AA)
Television Production (AAS)
Career and Technical:
Pre-Health Careers (CERT)
Paralegal Studies (AAS, CERT)
Geology (AS)
Physics (AS)

Institutional Departments

2022-2023 Program Reviews


Business and CIS:
Bookkeeping (CERT)
Informatics (AAS)
Informatics-Information Management/Software Development (CERT)
Informatics-Information Systems (CERT)
Informatics-Security (CERT)
Informatics-Digital Design (CERT)
Career and Technical:
Administration of Justice Studies  (AA, AAS)
Administration of Justice Studies: Law Enforcement Emphasis (AA)
Community Health Worker (AAS, CERT)
Customs and Border Protection Homeland Security (AA)

Homeland Security (AA)
Emergency and Disaster Management (AAS, CERT)
Massage Therapy (CERT)
English (AA)
Fine Arts:
Modern Language:
ESL Department
Earth Systems Science (AS)
Environmental Science 
Social Science:
Early Childhood Education (AAS, CERT)
Wellness and Physical Education:
Exercise and Wellness (AA)

Institutional Departments

Financial Aid
Health and Wellness
Recruitment/Outreach, Registration, and Admissions
Wellness at Work
Student Records and Registration
Health Services
International Student

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