The purpose of Guiding Principles for Learning is to create common areas of inquiry & practice that characterize the AWC student experience Students will be able to –

  • Make GPL connections from their Pathways Success Course through their Pathways Capstone
  • Identify courses that have helped shape their GPL experiences
  • Explain how GPLs contributed to their academic & personal growth

I review one or more of the principles with my classes almost daily and review the HLC program requirements (which are closely related to the principles) about once a week.

I gave each of my students the Principles bookmark at the beginning of the semester (and read it to them with my editorial comments). Now at mid-semester the students are getting a second copy of the bookmark and I am going over it again.

One of my goals in using the Principles bookmark statements is to help students understand why I resist their demands that I lecture all the time, but instead ask them to practice the principles listed on the bookmark. None of the Principles say “Sit passively and listen to your teacher talking.”

Paul Koblas Professor of Physics

Guiding Principles for Learning Infographic

Guiding Principles for Learning