What are Student Learning Outcomes?

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's) are statements of observable and measurable student performance which provide the foundation for the assessment of student learning. "Students will be able to ..." They define what a student will be able to do at the end of a learning activity, course, or program.

Institutional outcomes (or goals) are statements of observable and measurable services provided by a department. They define how well a department is meeting the stakeholders needs.

A Student Learning Outcome is a brief statement of what a student will know and be able to do. A Student learning Outcomes can be at the Course Level or Program Level.
Course level outcomes: what students know and can do at the end of the course
Program level outcomes: the aggregate knowledge and skills of the entire degree program.

The course level SLO’s are identified on all course syllabi, available on the course syllabi page, and the program learning outcomes are accessible via a learning outcomes link under the individual degrees and certificates on the Degrees and Certificates page.

Degree program level outcomes are needed so that everyone is aware of what students will know and be able to do by the end of the degree program. Below is a link to AWC's Academic Program Learning Outcomes Rubric for use when developing and/or revising program outcomes. Academic Program Learning Outcomes Rubric

The faculty who are responsible for a program and or the instructors who teach courses in the program. SLO's should be approved by all faculty members in the program as well as the academic division's supervisor.

Three to five outcomes are recommended. No more than five outcomes are recommended unless you are under an accredited professional program which may require more.

The faculty decide the SLO's. Most faculty identify with their individual courses or their specialty so it takes a unified effort to identify knowledge and skills students should develop over the span of a program. Faculty can complete this process over several faculty meetings.

Students, alumni, advisory committees, and community members can also be a benefit in discussing SLO's.

You can post them on your department webpage, college catalog, and promotional materials. AWC uses Tk20 to document yearly progress on student learning outcomes assessments.