Workforce & Economic Data

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research writes semi-annual workforce reports that highlight historic and current unemployment and economic impact statistics. In these reports, the staff analyze the intersections of Arizona Western College students, their education, and work opportunities in the area. These reports influence college-wide initiatives, such as program creation and career placement opportunities.

Unemployment by Month:

File Name Downloads
Unemployment Report-Unemployment rates from 2007-June 2017 Download

Semi-Annual Workforce and Economic Reports:

File Name Downloads
June 2017 Download
January 2017 Download

Environmental Scanning:

File Name Downloads
Environmental Scanning December 2013 Download
Workforce Development Survey-April 2006 Download


JobsEQ is Software as a Service (SaaS) that gives AWC administrators 24-hour online access to labor market data. Designed and developed with data governance as the priority, JobsEQ economists and data scientists ensure that our tools provide credible data for decision-making purposes. JobsEQ helps us identify unique workforce characteristics within our communities and provide quality data to clients by describing current industry and demographic trends, and targeted occupation and labor market information.

Please contact our office if you need data-driven empirical evidence of our region’s workforce. We can provide data in charts, tables, and maps to help your audience visualize our talent pipeline.