Grants Office

Our Mission

The Grants Office supports AWC’s goals by assisting faculty and staff in seeking and securing grants for programs and projects that align with institution, division, and department objectives, in accordance with the strategic plan.

Grant Alert

Arizona Western College coordinates its decision making on grants through the President's Office. To obtain approval to seek a grant, please submit a request below.


Support includes:

  • Assisting with developing concepts
  • Identifying funding opportunities 
  • Facilitating internal and external stakeholders’ meetings 
  • Developing grant proposals and budgets
  • Reviewing required documentation 
  • Submitting grant applications
  • Notifying the board of awarded grants

Grant Process

The Director of Grants manages and facilitates the grant process at AWC.

  • AWC’s president and cabinet devise an annual grant plan to support institution-wide initiatives with external funding. Our general grants emphases include: allied health and nursing, education and student success, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), technology infrastructure. Due to the recent economic climate, building renovation is at the forefront of current fundraising objectives, in support of the 2020 capital improvement plan.
  • Grant writing is a collaborative effort that begins with a discussion with, and the approval of, the supervisor. Next, a grant alert is filed, which the Director of Grants will review to ensure that it includes research, follows all instructions, contains required documentation, and is complete. The Grant Director will then forward, with a Grants Office recommendation, to AWC’s President for final approval to proceed.
  • If the President denies a grant alert, the prospective grant writer will be informed of the reason, and, if possible, be given assistance in addressing concerns.
  • If the grant alert is approved, the grant’s authors will be notified that they may proceed. At that time, a timeline to coordinate efforts with the Grants Office must be provided to the Grant Director. The timeline will include a schedule of review of the final draft by: Personnel, Technology, Budget Office, Grants Office. The grant’s author will follow any instructions given to make any revisions as needed.  Finally, the grant proposal is returned to the Director of Grants for final review, authorized signature, and submission.
  • Upon notice of an award, the Director of Grants must be notified. The Director will be able to assist in contacting departments across the campus that must be notified and can help ensure the new initiative is successfully implemented.

Applying for a competitive grant is a dynamic process. The project’s proposal must address the needs of all relevant stakeholders, including students, the college, and the local community. Along with being practical and measurable, a successful proposal addresses the funders’ priorities and criteria.

Additionally, it provides solid evidence of the ability of faculty and staff to implement and manage the grant effectively. A winning grant program proposal includes how the goals of sustainability and institutionalization will be met at the end of the grant.

Grant Opportunities

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
 Critical Health Concerns; The Social Determinants of Health; Business and Civic Engagement; Arts and Culture
Award: Varies
Deadline Date: Ongoing; On-line Application 
AZBlue - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona - In the Community!

The Hersh Foundation
 Education; Prevention Programs; Mental Health
Award: Varies
Deadline Date: Ongoing; On-line Application 
The Hersh Foundation

The Kresge Foundation
 Arts & Culture; Education; Environment; Health; Human Services 
Award: Varies
Deadline Date: Ongoing; On-line Application 
How to Apply - Kresge Foundation