Year-round Pell Grant returning to AWC

Yuma, AZ (February 8, 2018) – The year-round Pell Grant is returning so that students can receive up to 150 percent of a regular Pell Grant award during the course of an academic year. This will allow students to continue taking classes in the summer to catch up or accelerate their progress towards graduation.

What does this mean? Students may receive a Pell Grant Award during the Summer semester, even if they were enrolled as full-time students during Fall & Spring.

Adaptive Training Available at AWC

Yuma, AZ (February 7, 2018) – Oscar Quintero isn’t going to let being blind hold him back from accomplishing his goals of becoming a personal trainer and competing as a nationally ranked athlete.

With the help of his guide dog Ceylon, Oscar takes the Yuma County Area Transit to Arizona Western College twice a week to receive adaptive training and instruction.