CRM Engage for Faculty

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ENGAGE is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to give AWC a set of data and tools that allows us to:

  • Develop/strengthen student success and retention strategies
  • Identify opportunities for early intervention to provide individualized support
  • Track and measure results of interventions
  • Streamline student communication
  • Coordinate holistic student support

ENGAGE supports Guided Pathways Essential Practices

  • Pillar 2:  Help ALL students CHOOSE & ENTER a PATHWAY
  • Pillar 3:  Help ALL students STAY ON THEIR PATHWAY

Follow the guide below or download the tutorial (includes screenshots).


File Name Downloads
CRM Engage Faculty Tutorial Download


How to access ENGAGE Faculty Experience

Faculty Alerts submission process

  • Once signed in, faculty will see a list of current classes.
  • To submit an alert, first choose the course section you would like to work with.
  • Next, select one or more students.  Please note that you can submit the same alert for multiple students.
  • A list of the  currently available alerts will display.  Choose the appropriate alert and click “Next”. 
  • Add a note to the alert and click “Next”.  Notes can be set up to be shared with students if desired. Assigned alert owner will see all notes.
  • The alert owner and notes will be displayed here. Click “Submit Alerts” to complete the process.  A message will appear once the alert is submitted. 

Faculty Alerts History

  • Click on the gear icon on the top right hand corner to access your Alert History.  
  • The Alert History screen will display all alerts submitted as well as a status.  

For any issues accessing the portal, please contact:

Marco Diaz
(928) 344-7626
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