The lnstinct2 grant staff are tasked with implementing six related initiatives that work together to build the Informatics degrees pathway that links an AAS degree from Arizona Western College with a BAS degree at University of Arizona South. These six initiatives together create a comprehensive suite of projects, activities, and services that will create, implement and support the new and exciting Informatics degree pathway.

Our Initiatives

  • Initiative One: Curriculum Development and Design Enhancement
  • Initiative Two: Student Support Services
  • Initiative Three: Outreach and Advising Support
  • Initiative Four: Infrastructure/ Technology
  • Initiative Five: Articulation /Transfer Models
  • Initiative Six: Social Belonging Intervention Randomized Control Trial

Curriculum Information

The planned renovation and expansion of the Arizona Western College San Luis Informatics Center is the result of a Federal Title III STEM Grant awarded to AWC on October 1, 2016; “Informatics STeming Into New Careers for Today and Tomorrow” (INSTINCT2).

This renovation/expansion will double AWC’s learning spaces currently at San Luis Middle School; thus creating two active learning classrooms, a Discovery Lab and an open student work area, the “Student Idea Incubator.” Each of these spaces will be equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment in order to provide a newly created AAS degree in computer informatics.

The AAS Informatics degree from Arizona Western College transfers seamlessly to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Informatics from University of Arizona South. This degree pathway will incorporate updated curriculum with an emphasis in four innovative degree emphasizes that utilize the latest technology and are taught using hands-on, real-world experiences: (1) Systems Administration, (2) Software Development/Information Management, (3) Cyber Operations and (4) Digital Design.

Our Mission

INSPIRE students to engage in informatics discovery and innovation

DEVELOP a world-class informatics workforce talent pool

ATTRACT & RETAIN informatics talent through a dynamic and innovative school environment

DELIVER coordinated, collaborative, and cohesive informatics programs

The addition of these classes, along with the renovation of the other spaces, will establish a path where all 4 years of a baccalaureate degree in Informatics can take place in South Yuma County.

This project is in part supported under a Title III, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) grant from the U.S. Department of Education; Hispanic Serving Institutes Division. $861,655 toward this renovation will be derived from Federal grant dollars; which is 94.2% of the total project costs. Arizona Western College will contribute $53,000 which is 5.8% of the total project costs.