Education - Secondary

A.A. - Transfer Degree

Students planning to enter the field of secondary education may complete their first two years of study at AWC. It is recommended that education majors consult often with their Academic Advisors concerning the courses required for certification in Arizona and/or graduation from a state university with a bachelor’s degree in education. Secondary education students also need to “double major” in the discipline they wish to teach in high school.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate (1) basic knowledge in education that will prepare them for transfer to the university and (2) critical thinking skills in AWC’s General Education focus areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an awareness of and a beginning understanding of the teaching profession in regard to its historical context, the implications of the profession, and the role played by public education in contemporary society.
  • Construct lesson plans based on current best practices, developmental theories, and state and national standards.
  • Implement self-reflection strategies to enhance professional and personal growth.