Radiologic Technology

A.A.S. - Occupational Degree

Radiologic Technology prepares the graduate for a career in diagnostic medical imaging. The Associate in Applied Science degree prepares graduates for application to the certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The radiologic technologist may secure employment in hospitals, clinics, and other health care agencies. Admission to the Radiologic Technology Program requires a separate application procedure. Students are encouraged to meet with a program advisor within the department. Admission to and graduation from the program does not guarantee certification by the ARRT. Under the guidelines of the ARRT, a felony conviction can cause the applicant to be denied certification. Applicants are encouraged to contact the ARRT to petition and submit documents pertinent to an existing felony conviction before applying to the program.

Program Purpose

The Radiologic Technology program is a comprehensive competency-based program of study that prepares students to sit for the National Registry Examination offered by the American Registry of Registered Technologists (ARRT), allowing successful students to graduate with expertise at the entry-level in the field of Radiologic Technology and to be eligible for education and training in other specialized diagnostic imaging fields.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate acceptable positioning skills.
  • Adjust technique to suit patient’s condition, pathology or body habitus.
  • Use critical thinking skills to perform competency evaluations on exams that require non-routine views.
  • Explain patient care concepts using communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of technical concepts.
  • Use Digital Imaging equipment to produce images.
  • Determine the importance of continued professional development.
  • Exhibit professional behaviors in the performance of their clinical practice.

Program Map

Prerequisite Courses

The Program is an intense and comprehensive program of study; it combines academic coursework and clinical training for two years. A strong background in mathematics and science courses is recommended to be eligible to apply to the AWC Radiologic Technology program. The GPA of the prerequisites is part of the student ranking process; all prerequisites must be completed before the student applies to the Program.

The applicant's GPA for the below-mentioned courses must be a minimum of 2.50 to be eligible to apply to the Program.

Students must attain a minimum grade of “C” or above in all prerequisite courses before applying to the Program. Prerequisites may not be repeated more than once. Students are not permitted to repeat more than two prerequisite courses.

The student should submit transcripts of courses not taken at AWC to the Transfer Services Office for evaluation.

Course Title Credit
CIS 120 Introduction to Computer Information Systems or CIS 105  Business Information Systems 3
MAT 142 College Math with Applications ( or higher )** 3
ENG 100 Intro. to Composition ( or higher ) 3
ENG 101 Freshman Composition ( or higher ) 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
AHE 101 Medical Terminology 3
BIO 160 Anatomy & Physiology ( BIO 201 AND 202 may be substituted ) 4
  Approved Arts & Humanities Course 3
  Total Credits 25


**NOTE: Only three credits of math will be used to calculate a student’s prerequisite GPA. If a student has taken a higher-level math course (e.g., MAT 151) excluding MAT 183, the math course will be calculated based on a 3-credit scale. This does not affect a student’s Official Transcripts; the conversion is used solely for ranking purposes. The same applies to BIO 201 & 202 (8 credits), will be calculated as four credits solely for ranking purposes.

Sequence of Courses

Students may register for these courses after they have been admitted to the Radiologic Technology Program.

Year 1 – SUMMER
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 100* Introduction to Radiography & Patient Care (12 hrs) 2.0
The course must be completed before moving on to the next semester
                                    Total credits 2.0
Year 1 – FALL
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 105 Basic Radiographic Procedures 3.0
RAD 110 Patient Care in Imaging Technology 3.0
RAD 115 Principles of Radiographic Imaging I 3.0
RAD 120* Clinical 1 Medical Radiologic Technology (18 hrs) 3.0
Courses must be completed before moving on to the next semester
                                Total credits 12.0
Year 1 – SRING
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 106 Intermediate Radiographic Procedures 3.0
RAD 111 Radiographic Anatomy & Physiology 3.0
RAD 121* Clinical 2 Medical Radiologic Technology (24 hrs) 4.0
RAD 215 Principles of Radiographic Imaging 2 3.0
Courses must be completed before moving on to the next semester
                                Total credits 13.0
Year 2 – SUMMER
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 122* Clinical 3 Medical Radiologic Technology (24 hrs) 4.0
The course must be completed before moving on to the next semester
Total credits 4.0
Year 2 – FALL
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 205 Advanced Radiologic Procedures 3.0
RAD 216 Radiologic Pathology 3.0
RAD 200 Radiographic Imaging Equipment 3.0
RAD 220* Clinical 4 Medical Radiologic Technology (30 hrs) 5.0
Courses must be completed before moving on to the next semester
Total credits 14.0
Year 2 – SPRING
Course Name Course Title Credit
RAD 207** Radiation Biology and Protection 3.0
RAD 217 Advanced Medical Imaging 2.0
RAD 221* Clinical 5 Medical Radiologic Technology (30 hrs) 5.0
RAD 225 Radiologic Technology Seminar (RAD Software Fee: $55) 2.0
All courses must be completed prior to sitting for the ARRT Exam
             Total credits 12.0

*Each clinic course has an additional $1,000 fee
**If offered online, there will be an online course fee

Open the program map above to view the recommended classes to complete the program. You can also print the program map using the button above.

Additional Information

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