Culinary Arts

A.A.S. - Occupational Degree

Students will develop more advanced skills necessary to compete for a position in a restaurant, school, hospital, or nursing facility. In addition, the student would be capable of pursuing the option of developing a restaurant, catering business or personal chef career. Students will be required to obtain a ServSafe Managers card and become certified through the American Culinary Federation as a CC, (Certified Culinarian).

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate advanced knowledge in Culinary Arts which will prepare them for a position within the food service industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify tool and equipment used in the production kitchen.
  • Identify the major hazards, sources and opportunities for contamination in a food service operation.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in menu planning.
  • Demonstrate knife, hand tool and equipment use, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Demonstrate skill in scaling.
  • Identify tools and equipment used in the Production Kitchen.
  • Utilize fundamental skills in preparation of various types of International Cuisine.
  • Communicate successfully with the customer on design, production, service, staff, and include a formal quote for services
  • Perform basic math needed for food cost controls.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through appropriate grooming, punctuality and attendance.
  • Demonstrate how to cook and prepare healthy foods on a regular basis.

Program Map

Recommended Program Map / Program Requirements

The recommended plan below meets the requirements to complete this program.  For official requirements, visit the AWC Catalog. If the recommended classes listed below don’t fit your schedule or interests, you can take alternate classes. 

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First Semester: Fall

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 141 Basic Culinary Arts 1 3 Major Requirement
CUL 143 ServSafe Prep and Exam 2 Major Requirement
CUL 144 Menu Planning 1 Major Requirement
ENT 100 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 Departmental Requirement

ENG 100


ENG 101 or ENG 107

Introduction to Composition


Freshman Composition 1/GE

GE- Composition
MAT 142 College Mathematics with Applications OR approved higher level math 3 GE- Mathematics

Second Semester: Spring

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 146 Saucier & Meat Fabrication 3 Major Requirement
CUL 147 Baking 1 3 Major Requirement
HRM 100 Introduction to Hospitality 3 Departmental  Requirement
PLS 100 Plant Science/GE (recommended) 4 GE- Physical/Biological Science
ENG 101 or ENG 107 Freshman Composition 1/GE 3 GE- Composition
ENG 102 Freshman Composition 2/GE    

Third Semester: Fall

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 241 Basic Culinary Arts 2 3 Major Requirement
CUL 258 Advance Cuisine 5 Major Requirement
MGT 250 Personnel Supervision 3 Departmental Requirement
ENG 281 Film Studies/GE (recommended) 3 GE- Arts/Humanities
CIS 120 Introduction to Computer Information Systems/GE (recommended) 3 GE- Additional Courses

Fourth Semester: Spring

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 251 Catering 3 Major Requirement
CUL 253 Food & Beverage Management 3 Major Requirement
CUL 259 Field Experience 7 Major Requirement
NTR 201 Nutrition 3 Departmental Requirement
ECN 100 Introduction to Economics/GE* (recommended) 3 GE- Social/Behavioral Science
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