Culinary Arts Level 2

CERT - Occupational Certificate

Designed to prepare the student for a career in food service in restaurants, resorts, catering, hospitals, cruise ships, television shows, and food processing companies. Students will develop creative food preparation and presentation.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge in culinary arts that will prepare them to obtain a position within the field.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic skills in menu planning.
  • Utilize advanced skills in preparation of various types of Cuisine.
  • Communicate successfully with the customer on design, production, service, staff, and include a formal quote for catering services and perform basic math needed for food cost controls.
  • Demonstrate how to cook and prepare healthy foods on a regular basis.
  • Successfully produce food products that are acceptable in appearance and taste with minimum amount of supervision.

Program Map

First Semester

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 144 Menu Planning 1 Major Requirement
CUL 241 Basic Culinary Arts 2 3 Major Requirement
CUL 247 Baking 2 3 Major Requirement
CUL 249 Garde Manger 2 3 Major Requirement

Second Semester

Course Course Title Credits Area
CUL 251 Catering 3 Major Requirement
CUL 258 Advance Cuisine 5 Major Requirement
CUL 259 Field Experience 7 Major Requirement
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