Personal Fitness Trainer

CERT - Occupational Certificate

This program is designed to provide students with work experience in various fitness leadership positions in the health/fitness industry or to become self-employed in health/fitness training and consultation. The program offers students a variety of physical education and health courses, emphasizing the relationship of human physiology, exercise training, lifestyle behavior modification and disease prevention. Extensive focus is placed on integrating text-learned information into practical experience using substantial laboratory work with clients and a training/consultation internship. Fitness assessment, exercise prescription, and exercise program implementation are targeted, preparing students to enter the workforce in the area of personal training at health clubs, gyms, etc.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, exercise testing and program principles, nutrition and weight control, and injury prevention.

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete a program design for clients based on their specific needs.
  • Demonstrate safe and effective exercises in the following competencies, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular.
  • Determine the scope of practice in which they intend to pursue.