Cloud Architecting

CERT - Occupational Certificate

To prepare students to design patterns for architecting optimal IT solutions on AWS as well as troubleshooting AWS strategies and services.

Program Purpose

Prepare students for AWC Certified Solutions Architect-Associate certification.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the benefits of Amazon Web Services, the way cloud services transform IT systems, and troubleshoot common errors when deploying or modifying Amazon Web Services.
  • Integrate the principles when migrating or designing new applications for the cloud, including security, reliability, high-performance, and cost efficiency.
  • Identify the design patterns and architectural options applied in a variety of use cases and configure systems for high availability, fault tolerance, scalability, and how to avoid single points of failure.
  • Create, manage, provision, and update related resources using AWS CloudFormation to support automation.
  • Evaluate the business impact of design decisions and how the AWS Well-Architected Framework improves cloud-based architectures.
  • Select storage, compute, database, and networking resources to improve performance and evaluate metrics for applications.

Program Map

Recommended Program Map / Program Requirements

The recommended plan below meets the requirements to complete this program.  For official requirements, visit the AWC Catalog. If the recommended classes listed below don’t fit your schedule or interests, you can take alternate classes. 

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First Semester: Fall

Course Course Title Credits Area
PIT 130 Amazon Web Services Academy Cloud Foundations 2 Prerequisite

Second Semester: Spring

Course Course Title Credits Area
PIT 131 Amazon Web Services Cloud Architecting 3 Major Requirement
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