Basic Public Safety Dispatch

CERT - Occupational Certificate

The Public Safety Dispatcher Course exists to provide newly selected public safety dispatchers with an initial orientation and basic training. The instructional content and teachings methodologies in this course are present to better train new students in the increasingly complex role and function of the public safety dispatcher. Effective initial training is critical for public safety dispatchers to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to provide quality service to the public and the law enforcement agencies they serve. Introduces new dispatchers to the basic requirements of their jobs and meets the requirements of Post mandated training for entry level dispatchers. Law Enforcement Certifications include (ACJIS [dependent on agency appointment], CPR, APCO, EMD, NIMS).

Program Purpose

The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Certificate introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a law enforcement communications center in a productive and professional manner. The course also prepares each student for the basic roles, responsibilities, and duties of a public safety dispatcher within the law enforcement agency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and identify the functions and responsibilities of the three (3) components of the Criminal Justice System: Law Enforcement, Judicial and Corrections
  • Understand the function of Fire and EMS services
  • Apply professionalism and ethics 
  • Apply interpersonal communication 
  • Apply and demonstrate telephone technology and procedures 
  • Understand concepts of missing persons, domestic violence, community policing, and cultural diversity.
  • Understand concepts of hate crimes, gang awareness, child abuse, elder abuse, and dependent adult abuse
  • Apply law enforcement telecommunication and radio procedures 
  • Understand referral services 
  • Apply critical incident management 
  • Apply wellness management

Program Map

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.  Rev. 10/2022

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