Culinary Arts

Program Description

This program is designed to prepare a student for a career in food service. With the advent of cooking television networks and the foodie movement, culinary arts professionals are in demand and top of mind. This profession is challenging and high-energy, with the opportunity for creativity and freedom.

Our certificates and associate degree programs will prepare you to advance in your current career, move into a new job in the workforce, or start your own catering, restaurant or personal chef business. Graduates will learn a wide range of skills and gain industry specific experience in:

  • Demonstrate quality food selection and preparation.
  • Identify the major hazards, sources and opportunities for contamination in a food service operation.
  • Demonstrate methods of cooking including roasting, broiling, grilling, sauteing, frying, braising, stewing.
  • Identify and prepare glazes, syrups, fillings, creams, ganache, praline, and other sweet sauces, and frostings.
  • Apply the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid to food choices and demonstrate how to cook and prepare healthy foods on a regular basis.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in menu planning.
  • Utilize advanced skills in preparation of various types of Cuisine.
  • Communicate successfully with the customer on design, production, service, staff, and include a formal quote for catering services and perform basic math needed for food cost controls.

Degree(s) / Certificates(s)

Title Local Bachelor's
Culinary Arts Level 1 - CERT Occupational Certificate -
Culinary Arts Level 2 - CERT Occupational Certificate -
Culinary Arts with a-Focus in Entrepreneurship - CERT Occupational Certificate -
Culinary Arts - A.A.S. Occupational Degree -

Career Outlook

Successful completion of the culinary program or certificates may lead to employment in a variety of different occupations and industries. Below are examples of related occupations and annual median wages*.

Cafeteria Cook
Monitor and record food temperatures to ensure food safety; cook foodstuffs according to menus, special dietary or nutritional restrictions, or numbers of portions to be served; wash pots, pans, dishes, utensils, or other cooking equipment; rotate and store food supplies.
Private Chef
Plan menus according to employers' needs and diet restrictions; stock, organize, and clean kitchens and cooking utensils; cool, package, label, and freeze foods for later consumption and provide instructions for reheating; peel, wash, trim, and cook vegetables and meats, and bake breads and pastries; keep records pertaining to menus, finances, and other business-related issues.
Chef/Head Cook
Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations; check the quality of raw or cooked food products to ensure that standards are met; estimate amounts and costs of required supplies, such as food and ingredients; instruct cooks or other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, or presentation of food; supervise or coordinate activities of cooks or workers engaged in food preparation.
Food Service Managers
Keep records required by government agencies regarding sanitation or food subsidies; investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality, service, or accommodations; maintain food and equipment inventories, and keep inventory records; monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food to ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner; schedule and receive food and beverage deliveries, checking delivery contents to verify product quality and quantity.
Successful completion of this program may lead to employment in a variety of different occupations and industries. Check the above for additional information.

Classroom/Lab Tour

Contact Information

Faculty/Staff Contact(s)
Name Title Phone Email
Hikmet Budak Interim Director of Agriculture & Professor of Agriculture (928) 344-7742
Robert Gedeon Professor of Culinary Arts (928) 344-7737
Tracy Knudson Administrative Assistant IV (928) 317-7107