Equipment Loan Agreement - Student Use

  • I agree that I am responsible for returning this equipment on time and in the same condition as when I borrowed it. I understand that:
  • If, after an ITSS staff inspectiion, it is determined that any component of the laptop has been damaged in any way (regardless of fault), I will accept and pay repair or replacement costs as solely determined by ITSS staff.
  • If upon request I fail to return all cables or accessories, I will accept and pay ITSS-determined replacement costs. 
  • If I fail to return the laptop within 3 days of being notified by Service Desk, to the same location from which I borrowed it, I will accept and pay up to the total cost ($1200) of a replacement laptop. 
  • ITSS is not responsible for damage to data caused by viruses that may exist on the network or are spread through the network or from software malfunctions. 
  • ITSS is not responsible for damage to external drives or any other devices plugged into the laptop.
  • I cannot save files on the laptop's hard drive and must save my files by copying them to another location (for example a USB flash drive or online storage). All files left on the laptop will be erased. ITSS accepts no responsibility for lost files.  
  • I agree to abide by Arizona Western College's Computing Policies.

I understand that by borrowing this laptop, I am responsible for its safe return. I agree never to leave the laptop unattended or in someone else's care. If the laptop is stolen while on loan to me, I accept and will pay for the entire replacement cost of the equipment. 

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