The science of gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information using the upper layers of computer science, emphasis on computing in context, and strong base of theoretical and practical interdisciplinary experience.

Transforming Information into Knowledge

Informatics students learn to think innovatively as they explore the boundary where technology intersects with human values. Student passion for analyzing and solving problems is reflected in the creativity they'll bring to the design and creation of information systems, user interfaces, mobile technologies and social media. Since Informatics is a STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), graduates have strong employment opportunities.

Degrees that use the latest technology and provide hands-on experience.

This new AAS degree has four degree emphasizes: Information Systems, Cyber Operations, Information Management/Software Development and Digital Design. Each emphasis will transfer into the Bachelor’s Degree program at UAS.

This degree focuses on computers, computing problems and solutions, and applications to a variety of database situations. It will prepare students for jobs such as Research Analyst, Information Specialist, Clinical Informatics, Technical Support Engineer, and Business Systems Analyst.

Job Opportunities & Salary

Position Average Yearly Salary
System Administrator $56,086
Software Developer $52,000
Cyber Security Specialist $60,000
Digital Designer $46,821
*Salaries may vary by region.
Potential fields of employment: Yuma County Government, privately owned businesses, agriculture, medical field, education.
Program Offers
  • Seamless 4-year pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree with University of Arizona –South
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Student & Career Services
  • Hands-on Learning Experience
  • Tutoring
Program Emphases
  • System Administration
  • Software Development
  • Cyber Operations
  • Digital Design

Student Support

Supporting Students

The INSTINCT2 grant will include numerous student support systems to enable Program students to be successful throughout their course of study. First, a specialized Orientation course will be taught to incoming freshmen as part of the degree pathway. Also, our program will provide Supplemental Instructional Leaders to work both in classes and in the Student Idea Incubator (the common area) to assist students whenever needed.

In addition, The Discovery Lab will be staffed with Lab Technicians who will assist students on the new software for their Informatics learning. Finally, he program will also support Peer Mentors, the Academic Advisor, and referrals to tutors at the San Luis Learning Center.

The University of Arizona - South

If you are interested in the Informatics program, please complete the application and email to for processing. By enrolling in the program, you will qualify to receive individualized advising, a specialized Informatics Orientation course, supplemental instructional leaders and access to a degree pathway to earn 75 credits at AWC prior to transferring to UAS.

Informatics Application

The University of Arizona South (UAS) is the branch campus of The University of Arizona, headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and is the academic college home of the Bachelor of Applied Science in  Informatics. Under the leadership of Dr. Li Xu, Program Director of Computer Science and Informatics, and Sarah Wieland, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising and Student Services, the program will offer the third and fourth year courses in the seamless Informatics pathway that is being created.

In Year 3, a Professor of Informatics from UAS will be assigned to work full time in South Yuma County (SYC) as courses will be offered in an ITN format. Tanya Hodges is the Yuma area UA Regional Academic Program Coordinator. She is available to answer questions pertaining to UA concerns.

The Informatics degree pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree from UA-South has been developed at Arizona Western College due to a Federal Department of Education HSI STEM grant award.  To find out more about the INSTINCT2 grant that brought the Informatics program

Degree Outline

Course Number and Title Units Prerequisites Part of the Program
ORI/ CIS 105 (H) Introduction to Business Information Systems 3 ENG 101 eligibility or completion of RDG 121,
or appropriate reading score (>65), and
MAT 142 eligibility or *AHLM
Required Major Course 
ENG 101 Freshman English 3 ENG 100 or appropriate placement test scores AGEC Requirement
CIS 175 Computer Security 3   Required Major Course
MAT 151 College Algebra 4 MAT 121 or score on CPT AGEC Requirement
Total Credits 13    
CIS 260 Introduction to Operating Systems 3 CIS 105 or CIS 120

Required Major Course

Configuring Window Devices

Microsoft Exam70-697 & Comptia Linux+

ENG 102 Freshman Composition 3 ENG 101 AGEC
CIS 170 Microcomputer Installation and Support 3 CIS 105 or CIS 120 Required Major Course
A+ CompTIA Exams 220-901 and 220-902
Physical or Biological Science 4 ENG 101 AGEC-A Requirement
ECN 240 (G) Intro to Macroeconomics
ECN 250 (G) Intro to Microeconomics
3 ENG 101 and MAT 142 eligibility AGEC
Total Credits 16    
Arts/Humanities (C,WI) 4 ENG 101 AGEC Requirement
CSC 127A Introduction to Computer Science 1 4 CIS 105 or CIS 120 and MAT 151
or approved higher level of math
Required Major Course
CIS 270 Networking Fundamentals 3 CIS 260 Intro to Operating Systems Required Major Course
Arts/Humanities (C,WI) 3 ENG 101 AGEC Requirement
Writing Intensive General Ed. 3 ENG 101 AGEC Requirement
Total Credits 16    
CIS 271 Network Administration 3 CIS 270 Networking Fundamentals Required Major Course
CompTIA SERVER+ Exam SK0-004
Microsoft Exam 70-411
ECN 240 (G) Intro to Macroeconomics
ECN 250 (G) Intro to Microeconomics
3 ENG 101 and MAT 142 eligibility AGEC Requirement
"CIS 180 Computer Programming Logic Or
EGR 123 Introduction to Structured Programming" 3 CIS 105 or CIS 120
Either MAT 187 or
Both MAT 151 and MAT 184
Required Major Course
FOCUS AREA 3/4   Focus Area Requirement
Physical or Biological Science 4   AGEC Requirement
Total Credits 16/17    
CSC 210 Human Computer Interaction 4 CSC 127A Required Major Course
CIS 272 Network Routing and Switching 3 CIS 270 Required Major Course
CIS 270+CIS 272=*CCENT
CISCO exam 100-105 UCND1
CompTIA exam Network+ N10-006
Writing Intensive General Ed. 3 ENG 101 AGEC Requirement
FOCUS AREA CHOICE 3/4   Focus Area Requirement
FOCUS AREA CHOICE 3/4   Focus Area Requirement
Total Credits 16/18    
Total AGEC Credits 29+    
Total Required Major Credits 32    
Informatics Areas of Focus Credits 9-12    
Total A.A.S. Credits 70-75    
Focus Area Courses Units Prerequisites & Certifications
CIS 231 Data Base 3 MAT 081 or higher and CIS 105 or CIS 120
CIS 151 Web Design 3 CIS 105 or CIS 120
CIS 295 Structured System Analysis & Design 3 CIS 180
Total Credits 9  
CIS 231 Data Base 3 MAT 081 or higher and CIS 105 or CIS 120
GRA 104 Digital Imaging 1 4  
GRA 101 Graphic Communications 1 4  
Total Credits 11  
CIS 275 Fundamental of Network Security 3 CIS 175+CIS 275
SECURITY + CompTIA code SYO-401
CIS 127B Computer Programing 2 4 CSC 127A
MAT 227 Discrete Math 3 MAT 151 or MAT 187
Total Credits 10  
CIS 127B Computer Programing 2 4 CSC 127A
CSC 215 Artificial Intelligence 4 CSC 127A
CSC 252 Computer Organization 3 CSC 127A
Total Credits 11